A Sheltered Life

© 2020 Victor Echo


I will never forget that afternoon. Her name was Lucy. We lived around the corner from each other, went to the same school, and were mostly in the same classes. I was a bit older than she was by a couple of days, but we were both fourteen. It was July, and we had been dating for a bit more than a month. Our formal dates had been dinner and a couple of movies. Our informal dates involved meeting at one of the local playgrounds that had some woods behind it. It was in those words that she said the fateful words. She had kissed me gently. We had not kissed much in the past, so every kiss resonated with my memory. But I remembered this kiss because of what she said next.

“I like you, John, but not that way. I like girls.”

To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. Lucy was the first girl. You know the one that lets you touch her. She had held my hand, and we had hugged. She even had let me graze her swelling chest. Once. And now she was telling me she was she liked girls. By the time my brain had absorbed that, she was gone.

A week later, I sat on a bus heading north to Sudbury, where I would spend a month on a canoe trip in the Temagami region. I sent Lucy a couple of letters, but given how far from civilization I was, I did not expect any mail while I was out. I came back from camp, only to have a week before I headed to boarding school. And that week was spent clothes shopping.

Before I left, I had endured numerous fittings related to the uniform we were required to wear, including blazers, flannels, dress shirts, etc. You would think, to hear my mother rant about the waste of money, that I had grown to spite her. Forget that I had spent a month hauling myself and food and other gear through lakes that resembled oceans when the wind was up, and we were always paddling in a headwind it seemed. And when we were not paddling, we were walking along unmarked trails carrying all this gear. No matter how light you imagine dehydrated food can be when you have several weeks worth of it in your pack, it weighs something. The same can is true of paddles, lifejackets, and the other minutia required to set up camp every night. So it should not have been a surprise that I would gain some muscles. Growing an inch was not something I could control. So I spent a week being refit and running around finding new shoes and other clothes.

School did not leave me a lot of time to think about Lucy, although occasionally at night, while I lay awake and tried not to listen to the noises from my seven roommates, I would think back to how she felt in my arms and how she had excited me. But boarding school did not lead to many opportunities to meet new girls, and over time I forgot about Lucy.

For the next few years, the cycle was little changed. Camp in the summer, usually as far away from society as could be managed for weeks at a time, and winter’s spent surrounded by three hundred other guys. My Christmas vacations were always somewhere warm, family-oriented, and again, without much opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex. To say I lived like a monk, would be an understatement. The closest I came to meeting girls was highly structured and very formal, with several feet between us.

My sexual education was limited to stories in magazines, and the occasional retelling from my classmates and camp mates. It was hardly inclusive, or accurate. The additional information I found in books in the library was clinical and not particularly helpful for seducing women, much less knowing about how to make love to them. There were some passing acquaintances with girls, more of them fumbles in the dark that anything serious, and never leading to anything substantial.

The summer of my seventeenth birthday saw me escape from my cloistered lifestyle. And it was an escape I was happy to make. The summer of my seventeenth birthday meant I was now old enough to be on staff at the camp where I had been toiling as a laborer for more than a third of my life. At least that is what I felt at the time. One other advantage of my lifetime in the bush was my skill with a map and compass. In those BC days (that’s before the computer), we could not just whip out a cell phone and find our location. We had to look it up. Use a map, and a compass, and a bit of luck, or in my case, skill. I was to teach a group of new staff how to find their way without getting lost in the woods using these rudimentary tools, so I was reporting two weeks early for boot camp.

Day One

The sun shone down from a crystal clear, blue sky. The day was already warm, and the humidity was brutal as we waited for the boat. There were three of us. Andre was tall, broad, French, and well-muscled whose primary skill was canoeing, especially around portaging. I had seen him flip canoes weighing a hundred pounds with one hand. Despite his machismo, he was a nice guy and always willing to talk. Our other instructor was Lauren. She would be a gourmet cook and was a wizard with dehydrated food. I had only heard about her skills, but Andre raved about her beef stroganoff, so who was I to argue. I was the youngest of the three and the only one not yet in University. Lauren had just finished her first year, and if all the women in University looked like she did, I was in for a long, long four years. She was an auburn-haired beauty with athletic curves and a sultry voice that could make you hard just listening to her. I idly tossed rocks into the lake from the beach when I heard the bus.

“Bus is here,” Andre said a second later.

“Boat just came around the point,” I said.

“And I thought we were going to have it easy,” Lauren added.

I looked where she pointed, and sure enough, the boat, a barge really, towed three war canoes behind it.

“I guess we get to teach them how to paddle, too,” I observed.

“Build up their stamina,” Andre said with a laugh, and I could not help but laugh with him.

“I could do with some of that build up too. I was hoping it wouldn’t be today. See those white caps?”

“We won’t be doing the heavy lifting on this run,” Andre said with a laugh as he went to help tie up the barge.

I followed behind, and we pulled the war canoes around the side and pushed them towards Lauren, who pulled them up onto the sand of the shore. They were made of fiberglass and wood, heavy enough to handle the dozen people they were designed to carry but light enough that one person could easily move them in a calm setting, like in the protected harbor.

“Where’s your paddle?” Andre asked.

“Over with my gear.”

“Which boat do you want?”

“Doesn’t matter. They are all the same.”

“Good man,” he said, slapping me on the back. “Let’s get them going.”

Lauren directed the new staff to put their bags on the barge but to keep their paddles and life jackets out. There were several unhappy faces as I picked up my bag and added it to the pile.

“Everyone, listen up!” Andre said as people turned to look at him. “Grab your paddles and lifejackets. Ten to a boat, the instructors, will stern. Let’s move. It’s nine miles to dinner.”

There was some jostling as folks made their way to the canoes. I steadied the one on the outside as two lovely women got in, their short shorts leaving little to the imagination as the material buried itself between their butt cheeks. Two guys followed them, and my boat was full.

“Ready?” Andre asked as he looked across at Lauren and myself.

We responded by pushing our sterns, and with a bit of help from our new paddlers, we were quickly afloat and underway. As we turned the corner out of our small harbor, our real task lay ahead of us. Nine miles of open water some five miles across at the narrowest part, and a wind was blowing mostly straight out of the north at about ten to fifteen miles an hour. The wind made the lake choppy, and soon we were struggling to move forward.

“Andre,” I yelled across the gap, “head for the west shore, it offers some protection from the direct wind.”

He only nodded, and we started to move into the shelter of the western shore. It was a bit easier to make forward progress, but there was still a good deal of hard work ahead of us. The way the waves splashed off the side of the canoe and the paddles meant I was almost soaked before we were half-way up the lake. Andre and Lauren were not much better off. Lauren had already pulled her t-shirt off and stuffed it into the back of her shorts, a tiny orange bikini top restraining her curvy breasts. She looked over and noticed me looking. She smiled and winked at me before she pointed with her chin. I looked forward and adjusted the forward motion of my boat a bit to the right to make room for the other two canoes to slip around the point and into the next small bay.

Our boat was just ahead of the others, but I could not spare much energy to glance back at the rest of the students. The waves splashed and whipped against the side. When we came around the point, a particular combination of wind and water almost flooded the front of the canoe.

“Right side draw, hard, everyone else, put your back into it,” I said as I rode my paddle like an outrigger over the left side as we came around.

“Everyone paddle forward, hard, hard hard, when we pass the point, let’s get left fast. Bow, watch for rocks!” I yelled as a wave of water rolled down the middle of the boat, three inches deep.

Our feet were soaked as we made the corner and into the general safety of the next small bay—the other two boats where behind us by several lengths.

“Keep paddling, just not so hard,” I said as I looked back and waved the other two up to my position.

Lauren came up on the right side, Andre, on the left.

“I’m shipping about three inches of water,” I said slightly breathlessly. “You?”

“About the same,” Lauren said, looking down.

“More than that,” Andre said, “and a broken paddle.”

A lady in the middle of the boat held up the stump of her paddle.

“What do you think?” Andre asked, deferring to me.

“There’s a pull-off just ahead, you can see the cut in the forest. It’s where the portage comes in on this side. The bottom is shallow. We should be able to dump the canoes. Our feet are already wet.”

“That’s true,” Lauren said.

“Let’s do it,” Andre agreed.

We broke our flotilla, and once we had some free water, my team started to paddle. We slid into the portage landing first, slowly.

“Bow, slide out and stabilize us, then first third over the side, the rest move up.”

We made way for the next two boats and helped their teams out before we secured their canoes. Andre and I did a quick review of the bottom, then picked out six of the biggest guys we had to choose from, and with Lauren directing us, we lifted the canoe and tipped it over, the water cascaded out. We passed the empty canoe over to a couple of others and repeated the exercise with the other two boats.

“Want to balance the boats?” I asked as we spun them around.

Andre took charge and assigned people to the canoes, and we were soon on our way again. I had the dead stick in my boat. She sat in the bow and faced me while she kept the cadence for the paddlers as we headed back out into the lake proper.

“Here we go again,” I said as the waves started to increase. “Pull hard, let’s see if we can keep the water out this time!”

My muscles felt like lead as we reentered the lake, but there was nothing else I could do but to focus on the bow and keep paddling. I pointed us at the camp, now six miles and a bit away, and dug in with each stroke. I would occasionally look at the girl in the bow, and she would smile back at me as she called the count. She was as wet as any of us, t-shirt stuck to her body, and nipples pressed against the material. I must have stared at them as she looked at me, then down at her front, then back up at me and smiled again. She made an effort to fluff the shirt away from her front. I winked, then turned my attention back to the direction of my canoe. For the next two hours, we paddled hard, eventually breaking out of the wind and into the sheltered harbor of the camp. The barge was already secured, and the administrators waited for us on the beach.

“Hold water!” I said as we slipped forward onto the sand. “Grab your life jackets and paddles, put them above the rack, then come back and let’s rack this canoe.”

We dragged our exhausted bodies out and soon had the canoe up on the rails where it rested. Lauren and Andre were only a minute behind us, and together we got the other two canoes up on the rails before we formed a loose half-circle in front of the administrators.

“Good evening. We were worried we would have to send out a boat to rescue you.”

“No need. John knows this lake like the back of his hand, it seems. He got us shelter and found us somewhere to drain the boats when we swamped coming around the point,” Andre said, slapping me on the back.

“He should after all the time he’s spent here! Alright, everyone get some dinner, then we will assign bunks and talk about the plan for the week.”

We trooped into the dining hall and helped ourselves to roast beef and all the fixings. I was slumped in a corner, shoveling food into my mouth.

“Good work out there today,” Lauren said as she sat down next to me.



“I’m a bit sore. I don’t work this hard during the school year.”

“Yeah, me too,” she said with a light laugh. “Any thoughts about our new recruits?”

“They are probably as tired as I am.”

She laughed again, and we quickly finished our dinner.

“As some of you know, I am Rick Spencer, the director here. While we are an outpost from the main camp, if you can survive up here, you can survive in the Park.”

“The portages are superhighways, and the hills have escalators,” Andre said helpfully.

There were some laughs from the staff that had been campers before about his descriptions.

“True,” Rick said. “Up here, we don’t have neon signs for campsites or portages, and getting around requires more than knowing where the sun rises and sets. To that end, let me introduce Andre Francois, our canoe skills instructor, Lauren Bench, our camp skills instructor, and John Baker, our map and compass instructor. We are especially fortunate to have John teaching this skill as he has spent six years is it now up here as a camper and won high praise from his counselors and guides with his ability to figure out where they were when they got lost.”

That got a bit of applause from some, but Andre was quite enthusiastic about it.

“Rick is soft-pedaling it. How long were you lost?” he asked, looking at me.

It was a memory I had tried to repress. I still dislike swamps to this day because of it.

“Two days.”

“John’s going to make sure you never spend two days in a swamp,” Andre said, and there was some laughter around the room as the seriousness of the skill was realized.

“Grab your gear off the barge. Cabin assignments are posted by the door. While you are all adults, and we will treat you as such, let’s see if we can keep the fraternization to a minimum, please? Instructors, can you hang out for a moment?” Rick said, and the students headed out.

I helped myself to some more meat and another glass of juice while we waited. Andre, seeing my plate followed suit and did the same thing.

“Good idea! We have to eat our own cooking starting tomorrow,” he said.

“Worse, we have to eat Lauren’s,” I said, smiling at her.


We ducked as a pillow arched towards us.

“Nice to see you getting along already,” Rick said as he joined us. “Good work out there today. Rough water.”

“Very rough,” Andre agreed.

“Andre, you’ve done this before, so you are the senior instructor. We’ve split up the students into three teams, and you will each take a team. Pitch in, help out, and make sure they all learn what they need to learn to be better councilors and guides out there. John, the map room is yours. Could you check it for completeness as well, please? If I need to order more maps, let me know. Andre, we should have plenty of canoes. Again, if you see anything that needs some work, please let me know. Lauren, there are tents and packs in the map room. Most of it is surplus, so don’t worry if you find something broken.”

“Gives me something to teach,” Lauren quipped.

“That was my thinking,” Rick said with a laugh. “Need anything?”

“One of the students, Joyce, I think, broke her paddle on the way over.”

“There should be some spares around here somewhere.”


“That is a bit harder. I think we have four or five.”

“I’ll make do. I might have a second with me.”

“OK. Lauren?”

“We will do what we can with what we have. I would like a couple of spices.”

“Make a list.”

“Will do.”

“Anything else?”

We looked at each other. I had nothing. Andre answered for us.

“Nope, I think we’re good,” he said.

“OK. Wake up at 0700 tomorrow. Lauren you’re in Cabin One in the back, there’s a room with a separate entrance. Andre, you’re in two. John in three. See you in the morning.”


Rick turned and headed upstairs while Andre and I finished our dinner. Lauren sat back in the chair.

“I’m beat,” I said as I finished my dinner and put the plate aside for the moment. “I hate that paddle.”

“You did great, really,” Andre said. “I wasn’t sure what we were going to do as more water came over the gunwales.”

“This lake can kill you, and it is one of the smaller ones.”

“How much time have you spent up here?” Lauren asked as she rubbed her palms on her thighs.

“Five? Six summers? You can pull the logbooks in the drawer.”

“You really got stuck in a swamp for two days?”

“Yeah, two years ago. The councilor and the guide were completely lost. Finally, we rebelled. I took a couple of quick bearings, moved a couple of miles, took some more bearings, and we were out in an hour. The guide had us in a swamp about ten miles south of where we actually were. Worst two days of my life. There wasn’t enough solid ground to set up camp on, so we slept in shifts.”

“It shouldn’t have happened. They were both fired when they got back.”

“Is that what happened? Suddenly the section director was keeping us out of trouble.”

“That’s what happened.”

I was silent for a minute or two.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Lauren said.

There was no argument. I trailed Lauren out of the building to the barge and picked up our gear. Andre waved at us and strode off into the dark. I had a longer path to travel, but I wasn’t in any hurry.

“Got enough energy to rub my shoulders?” Lauren asked quietly.

I probably blushed in the dark, but said, “Sure.”

The door to the main cabin was closed. The room, as I knew, was dominated by a double bed with two nightstands on either side and a small closet opposite the bed. She closed the outside door once we were in and held her finger up to her lips. We stood quietly for a moment. There was some soft conversation from the other side of the door, but it sounded like most of the ladies were already asleep. Lauren dropped her bag on the bed, then took mine from my hand and dumped it there as well. In the grey light, I watched her pull her t-shirt over her head and toss it on the bed before she stepped up and wrapped her arms around my neck. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her waist. She leaned forward and kissed me gently, her tongue slipping along my lips a couple of times before I got the idea and let her into my mouth. I did not have a lot of experience kissing, but I guess I had enough that I did not make a complete fool of myself. Our kiss seemed to get more passionate, and Lauren pulled her body tighter against me, and my now rampant erection.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “Very nice.”

Her hands slipped down and pulled my shirt out of my shorts as I let my hands wander along the exposed skin of her upper body. My t-shirt quickly joined my pack on the bed as her nails gently raked my chest. I was out of my depth, but clung, gently to Lauren’s hips as I moved forward to kiss her again. She did not seem to mind as she returned my kiss. Our tongues found each other and began their dance. My hands rested on her hips. My fingers knew what was needed as they traced the bones of her hips and slipped inside her waistband. I heard her gasp as one of my hands slid over the skin of her ass. I tried to pull my hand out, but between the angle and the waist of her shorts, I was going nowhere, so I let a finger explore what it could, and slipped between the cheeks of her ass. She moaned into my mouth.

“You are such a tease,” she whispered, then nipped my ear. “We can’t go too far tonight. Too many witnesses. You are a sexy man, though.”

She kissed me again and gasped as my finger slid up and down the crack of her ass.

“Enough, enough. I know I am leaving you with blue balls. Consider it a debt. We have all summer. But I promise I won’t make you wait that long.”

As she talked, her hand squeezed my already erect cock. How I did not cum on the spot is a mystery to me, yet somehow I managed. We kissed again, briefly, then stepped apart, our hands eventually letting go. I grabbed my shirt and pack, but before I could leave, Lauren was in my arms again, and we kissed furiously.

“Fuck,” she sighed. “Go! Think of me touching myself as you go to sleep.”

“You won’t be alone,” I said and was pushed out the door.

I stood in the dark a moment as I pulled my shirt over my head. It was a bit early for mosquitos. The air was considerably cooler than I thought it would be as I made my way along the path to my cabin. Despite my statement, I was asleep as soon as I laid down.

Day Two

The alarm was harsh and woke me from a dead sleep. The clock said it was 0645. I shook my head, trying to clear the cobwebs as I cranked my body over the edge of the bed enough to make sure I would not fall asleep again. The plan for today did not leave a lot of time for rest. I hoped we could get a sauna before dinner. I levered myself out of bed and looked around. The cabin usually slept a group of six, but I had it all to myself for the week. The other advantage of the cabin was a small dock that led out to about six feet of water. I shook my head again and stood up, peeled myself out of yesterday's clothes, and tossed them over the beam to air out while I grabbed my towel and walked along the dock. I looked over the edge, and it looked like the lake had dropped a bit. I took the ladder down and was soon stroking my way across the small bay. The water was refreshing, and by the time I had finished my outbound swim, I was wide awake. Across the bay, people were emerging from the other cabins. I smiled to myself and swam back to my dock, where I pulled myself out and dried off. Ten minutes later, I was in the field that served as our kitchen for the next week. Our oven was the bottom half of an oil drum, a grill over the top, and a small pile of wood. I was the first one there, but Andre was close behind me.

"You're not going to light that?" he asked, pointing at the fire pit.

"Me? I don't even have any matches," I said with a laugh.

Part of the game was to have the team light the fires, then prep the meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While I waited for my team to join me, I picked up the ax and tested the edge. It was a tad dull, so I pulled out my file and started putting an edge on it.

"You carry a file?" Andre asked from his fire pit.

"You don't?"

"Actually, no, I don't. Not a bad idea. That time in the swamp did you some good."

"Don't remind me. I also did a lot of reading this winter. There's this SAS book that had a lot of good information in it."

"I would like to see it."

"Remind me to write down the title for you. I left it at home."

"Left what at home?" Lauren asked as she entered the area.

"A book from the SAS about survival."

"I would like to see that too."

"Good thing I have lots of paper."

Both of them laughed as others started arriving. My team quickly gathered, and we introduced ourselves. I had Roger, from BC, Joanne, Dan, and Donnie from Toronto, François from Quebec, Suzanne, who turned out to be the poor girl with the broken paddle, from Michigan, Eric, and Jackson from Pickering, Cassie from Uxbridge, and Tay from Ottawa. A very robust group. François's English was a bit rusty, but Tay spoke both English and French and helped out with the translations.

"Welcome to the first day of training. Who wants to get the fire going?"

François and Tay took the ax from me and started prepping the fire while Joanne and Eric pulled out the breakfast, and everyone pitched in to follow the directions. Shortly our fire was going, and we were busy making breakfast.

"Can I …" Suzanne asked quietly.

We moved away from the group a bit, Suzanne had her back to them.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," she said.

"What about yesterday?"

"The wet t-shirt."

"Oh, that," I said, hopefully with an air of nonchalance. "It happens. Nothing to worry about."

"I got the feeling you enjoyed the show."

"Well, I won't deny you have a lovely chest."

She blushed at my comment and bit her lower lip.

"Thanks. Maybe we can repeat it later?"

"We should get back."

She nodded and returned to breakfast. I was a moment behind her. Lauren caught my eye and winked at me, Andre was busy with his team. In short order, our breakfast was ready, and we quickly devoured it as Rick joined us.

"Good morning, everyone. I hope you all had a great sleep. First up today, we need to get everyone through their swim qualification and canoe qualification. That should take the morning, and then we will have lunch before we break up into our first session, canoe craft."

Rick gathered up Lauren and Andre with his eyes, and we walked over to join him while the teams cleaned up their dishes.

"You are going to have to go through the tests as well, but once we have them out of the way, you can help pass everyone else. Andre, you are first up this afternoon."

"Ready when you are."

"Have your folks get their swim gear and meet at the dock."

"Yes, sir," we said in harmony.

I returned to my team.

"Once we get cleaned up, get your swim gear on and meet at the dock. Bring your paddle and life jacket."

Everyone agreed, and we were quickly dispersing only to come back to the dock about a half-hour later. There was a mixture of swimming attire between one-piece and two-piece bathing suits for the women and mostly shorts for the men.

"Who's first?" Rick asked.

"Me," I said quickly.

The swim course was a three hundred yard swim, and then ten minutes treading water. It was not hard, but the water was not warm either. This course was straight out one hundred yards and back. It would be close to four hundred yards before we completed it.

"Andre, want to grab a canoe and pace me?"

He nodded and jogged over to where the canoes were racked, grabbed one, and quickly put it in the water. I was already on my way out with a couple of people behind me.

"You going to pace me?" he asked when I hit the first marker.


I put my head down and headed back to shore. I noticed there were a couple of canoes pacing the swimmers when I turned around and headed back for my final leg.

"That's three," Rick said from his canoe.

"Want me to tread here?"

"You think you can tread and swim back?"

"Sure. Ten years on the swim team. No problem."

I quickly had a small group treading water with me as others continued their swim while Rick did little circles around us.

"So that's where you get your muscles," Lauren said quietly beside me.

I smiled back at her. I had noticed that her bikini was a red print this morning, and left very little to the imagination.

"Every guy here is fighting an erection," I said.

"And you?"

"I did say every guy. But the cold water is helping."

Lauren moved around, and I felt her hand slid along the front of my bathing suit.

"It's not helping much."


"Time," Rick said from the canoe.

I waved my hand, acknowledging his call. I was about to roll onto my back for the last leg but changed my mind. Instead, I did a duck dive and swam a few strokes underwater before popping up and stroking my way back to the beach. Andre met me there.

"You make it look easy," he said as he hopped out.

"Swim team. This isn't even warm-up," I said as I grabbed my paddle.

"Don't let me drown," he said with a laugh as he dove into the water.

I pushed my canoe into the water and sculled my way to where I was midway between the makers. I watched as swimmers moved back and forth.

"Got room for me?"

I looked down and saw Suzanne.

"Sure, grab the stern."

She did, and I slowly backed my way to the shore until she could stand on the bottom. I moved away so she could get up without a problem. The water flowed down her body as she stood up. She winked at me as she walked ashore, and I headed back out. I tried not to think about the way Suzanne looked in her racing suit, her lithe body, and pert nipples on display for anyone to see. I turned my attention back to the swimmers. No one was in distress, which was good to see.

"Knock knock."

Lauren was off my side.

"Hey, sexy," I said quietly. "Ever done a canoe rescue?"


"Come aboard."

I braced and leaned the opposite way as she grabbed the gunwales and pulled herself aboard. Her bottoms caught on the edge and came off as she slipped into the bottom of the canoe.

"Like what you see?" she asked with a smile as she twisted around, her feet towards me and her pussy in full view.


"Pass me my bottoms," she said quietly, knowing how the sound carries.

I took my time as she ran her finger up and down between her legs. I was hard by the time she slipped her bottoms back on and sat up in the boat.

"All good," Rick asked from across the way.

"Yup," Lauren waved back. "Minor wardrobe malfunction."

Rick waved, and we watched the swimmers finish up their test. Lauren and I ferried a few back to the beach, and suddenly it was done. Lunch was still an hour away, and we were at liberty. The ladies moved over to the dock to sunbathe while the guys threw a football around. I took the time to walk up to the map room to survey the maps.

The map room was cool. Other than the camp supplies piled in the middle of the floor, it was merely a wall of maps of the region and cubbies with each of the sectionals. Most had seen better days. I walked over to look at the wall and gently ran my hand over the maps. The lakes were familiar, from portage entry to portage exit and many of the rocks along the way. Behind me the door slid open and closed again.

"Remembering old times?" Lauren asked as she wrapped her hands around my waist.

"Hm, something like that."

She kisses my shoulder gently.

"Where was the swamp?"

My hand snapped forward and pointed at it.

"Photographic memory?"

"Geographic memory."

Her hand moved down the front of my trunks as she kissed my shoulder again. We did not say much as she slipped her hand inside my shorts and wrapped around my rapidly expanding dick.

"Keep that up, and I will cum all over your hand."

"That's a problem?"

"Lauren, I don't have a lot of experience with this."

"You could have fooled me."

"Then I was successful," I moaned.

Her hand slowed.

"You're serious."

"Five years in a boarding school."

Her nails raked my cock before she slipped it down and over my balls while she kissed my spine.

"It's amazing you haven't cum yet."

"Blind luck."

Her hands continued to caress my balls.

"Lauren," I moaned.


Rather than answer, I turned around and kissed her. Her hand was at a bad angle but slipped forward, and her finger flicked my ass. My cock twitched in my shorts as she moaned into my mouth.

"Fuck it," she said.

She dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts, and engulfed my cock in her mouth. That was all it took. Several days of pent up excitement poured down her throat and escaped around the edges of her lips. I could feel her moan as she sucked down all she could get. My knees gave out, and I slumped against the wall as she cleaned up my cock and pulled my shorts back up before she kissed me again. I did not think about what she had just done and returned her kiss with all the passion in my body.

"I am so fucking wet," she gasped. "You owe me!"

"You will have to show me what I need to do to pay off the debt," I whispered.

"Deal. Fuck. Lunchtime."

She kissed me again and hurried out. I followed a couple of minutes later, my head still in a daze.

Lunch was sandwiches, quickly prepared, and after our morning of activity, quickly devoured before we headed back to the lake for our canoe drills. Andre stood at the front of the group.

"Next, we are doing our canoe drills. How many of you have had to rescue a flipped canoe?"

Only a couple of hands went up, mine included.

"Since you are not all as fish-like as our John here, you will put on your life jackets for this exercise. Line up along the dock and pay attention. Lauren, would you take the bow?"

Lauren and Andre moved into position, and I moved in front of them. Andre nodded at me, and I capsized my canoe. After I swam clear, Andre talked again.

"The first thing you want to do is get the capsized canoe at right angles."

We got the canoe into the right position, onto the gunwales, flipped over and back in the water. I hung on the stern of Andre's canoe as he finished his instruction. Once he was done, and everyone was assigned their teams, I swam back to shore and hauled myself out.

"Tired?" Rick asked from the dock.

"I need a moment. Two busy days."

"You're doing well. Your canoe's here."

"Breaks over then," I said and set off to help supervise the exercise.

By three, we were done. Even Andre was looking a bit thin as we racked the canoes.

"Sauna?" I asked

"Sauna?" Lauren asked.


I walked over to my day bag and grabbed my lighter.

"Grab some wood."

We carried a couple of loads over to the sauna, and I quickly got the fire lit in the firebox before I grabbed the water bucket from inside.

"Steam," I said.

Lauren just looked at me.

"About a half an hour."

"You say the sexiest things," Lauren said with a smile as we went back to where people were laying out in the sun.

Thirty minutes later, we baked in the sauna, occasionally throwing water on the rocks to create some additional steam. When we got too warm, we would run down the short dock and into the lake at the end. This served to not only cool us off but wash off some of the surface dirt. There was no running water here, and this was the only way to get clean. After about a half an hour, Lauren tapped me on the shoulder, then left. Suzanne took that moment to slide next to me. She pressed her sweaty thigh against me.

"Rub my shoulders?" she asked quietly?


She slipped down to the level below and immediately between my legs, where she wrapped her hands around my calves and squeezed them against her. I reached down and squeezed her shoulder muscles. I had no idea what I was doing, but that did not seem to matter to Suzanne. The more I rubbed her shoulders, the more she pushed back until I could only rub the top of her shoulders. Her head rested against my crotch and rolled gently back and forth across my now solid erection.

"Let's swim," she whispered.

We slipped out and ran down the dock and into the water. I surfaced first, Suzanne was right behind me. I immediately noticed something different. Her shoulders were bare, and as she pushed up, her bathing suit was down around her waist, her tits glistening in the afternoon sun. There were not very large, but the areola was quite distended, and her nipples were the largest I had ever seen. She smiled at me just as another group of people came running down the dock. She ducked underwater, and by the time she surfaced, everything was back where it should be.

"We should get ready for dinner," I said.

Everyone grumbled, but we headed for shore.

Dinner was some sort of chicken thing. Lauren showed us how to make it a bit more edible, but I was not convinced. Still, I was hungry, and so were my teammates. Dinner was quick, and we soon got together for the evening activity. Andre was going to teach everyone how to chop wood, but I had to go and set up my course for the week. While Andre got folks together, I picked up my pack and walked along the fire road that led out into the woods. I knew there was a fire area about a half a mile away that would work for our purposes, and I still had enough light left for what I needed to do.

I busied myself with putting up flagging tape and some pre-printed signs I had made for the exercise. The sun was just below the tops of the trees when I hoisted my pack and walked back to the camp. Training was over, and most people were up in the main building. I walked in and put down my bag. Rick waved me over.

"All set?" he asked.

"Should be."

"Did you find the compasses?"

"I haven't looked. I will do that in the morning. I have three of my own. If we split up the groups, we should be able to get everyone through in a couple of days."

"Good. Do what you need to," he said before moving off.

I was suddenly tired, and rather than sit down, I decided I would head to bed. I waved to the room in general, picked up my pack, and stepped out onto the porch.

"Walk me back to my cabin?" Suzanne asked quietly, coming out behind me.


Once we stepped out into the twilight, she slipped her hand in mine, and we crossed the short distance to her cabin. Rather than go in, she pulled me around to the side of the cabin, out of sight of the main building, where she pushed me against the wall. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. Our tongues battled back and forth as she ground her hips against mine.

"Touch me," she whispered between kisses.

I slid my hands up. When my thumbs hit the bottom of her tits, she gasped. As my palms slid over her nipples, she groaned low in her throat and bit my lower lip before she grabbed my hands and pushed them down.

"Sorry, I have to go," she said.

She kissed me, then dashed off. I was left standing, wondering what had happened. After another moment, I shrugged my shoulders and headed back to my cabin.

The moon was just cresting the tree line as I reached the cabin. Deep shadows engulfed the porch and front door.

"Did that fireball wear you out, or do you have something left for me?" Lauren said from the chair, almost completely obscured in the shadows.

"Sorry?" I said, a bit confused.

"I saw you leave with Suzanne. She seemed to have you right where she wanted you."

I did not know what to say but found myself telling her what happened. Initially, she giggled, then looked at me seriously before she kissed me instead. We kissed for several minutes until we were breathless.

"You really have led a sheltered life, haven't you? It's possible she had an orgasm and didn't know how to handle it, but more likely, you got her so wet she thought she'd peed herself if she had never experienced it before. Let's go inside, and I will show you what I mean."

I opened the door for her, and we went in together. Rather than turn on the overhead, I set up a candle. Lauren came back into my arms, and we kissed again.

"Feels like she left me something," she whispered. "Undress me, and I will show you a few things."

I pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it onto the nearest bed. She encouraged me to slide my hands over her chest. It was nicely curved, her tits heavy in my hand and her nipples hard, if unassuming. She sighed a bit as I did this before she kissed me again. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and undid my shorts. My shirt went one way as my shorts hit the floor. Her hand quickly found my erection through my underwear.

"Let's put a couple of beds together so we can be more comfortable," she said.

We shoved two of the twin beds together and tossed a couple of towels over them. She sat me down on the edge and stood between my legs. I reached forward and undid her shorts, and she wiggled her hips enough for them to slip free. I helped ease them to the ground. She wore basic cotton underwear. I moved my fingers into the waistband and tugged them down her legs, leaving me looking at her thin bush and glistening lips. She had me stand up, and we changed places. She pulled down my underwear, making sure to maneuver it around my erection. She spent a moment running her hands over it as precum leaked from the head.

"You get wet, too," she whispered.

She bent forward and licked the head once before she sat up and looked at me. My hands moved back to her tits, where I squeezed them gently.

"Some women like a soft touch, others like it a bit rougher. I had a girlfriend once that couldn't come unless you bit her nipples, and then she went off like a rocket. I like my nipples pinched but I have to be warmed up first. You can squeeze them harder."

She put her hands over mine and showed me how she liked it, squeezing my hand over her tits, rubbing my hands over her nipples.

"Come down here and suck them," she whispered.

Lauren lay back on the mattresses, and I lay down beside her. We rolled close together and kissed again as our hands explored each other's bodies. She lay back and pulled my head down against her, encouraging me to suckle her tit. I played with the other one as I did this. She moaned and encouraged my explorations.

"Always listen to your lover. She will tell you what she likes, either through her noises or with her body language. But you are doing wonderfully."

She continued to roll against me and then away from me. I moved back and forth between her nipples as I licked and sucked them. For her part, her hands were busy sliding over my skin, some times playing with my cock or balls, sometimes playing with my chest. Eventually, she pushed me away and rolled me onto my back.

"I have got to taste you."

She moved her body enough to suck my cock into her mouth. It felt incredible as she engulfed my length in her mouth, and her fingers played with my ball sack. I could not get a warning out as my orgasm crashed through my body. I saw stars as the muscles below my waist contracted all at once, forcing my cum out of my body and down her throat. Lauren moaned as she sucked down my offering as fast as she could. There was nothing left, and I slumped, every muscle vibrated with exhaustion.

"Damn, that's good," she said.

We kissed a bit as my body recovered its energy.

"Most guys won't kiss a woman after they have cum in her mouth. You are something special," she said. "Now, I need to cum, and you are going to help."

She took my hand and slipped it between her legs. She was soaked. I let my fingers slide around in her goo for a few minutes as I got my bearings. Her outer lips were swollen, and her skin was smooth, where she shaved it for her bikini.

"This is my clit," she said as she guided my finger over the button at the top of her lips.

I circled it a bit as she showed me, then she left me to my own devices. My finger slipped into her opening, and she gasped.

"Do it again," she said.

I did, and she moaned. I slipped my finger in and out, then added another finger.

"Oh, yes! Put your thumb on my clit now."

I did, and it took only a moment for her to cum, her hips writhed on my hand as she shook underneath me.

"Yeah, that's good," she said.

I kissed the skin near at hand, and she mewled gently. I kept kissing my way down until I got to her hip. Her breathing came in gasps now.

"Are you going to lick me?" she gasped.

"Would you like that?"

"Yes, yes, lick me."

She moved and pulled her legs back and up. I got between them and traced her pussy with my finger, reminding myself of what my fingers had felt and seeing it with my eyes. I stuck my tongue out and flicked her pussy, randomly. It was salty and spicy and intoxicating. I moved closer and ran my tongue over her outer lips. They were spongy, like her tits, but thicker. My tongue moved up and around her clit. It seemed to get larger as I licked it. I flicked it with my tongue, not knowing what I was doing, and Lauren squealed out.

"What are you doing to me," she gasped.

As I continued to lick her, I slipped two fingers into pussy. She clamped down on them, which forced them up against her insides. Her hips rammed down, and her back bowed. She almost sat up, her voice gone, and her mouth open in a huge oh before she fell back onto the bed.

"Fuck, stop, stop," she said, pushing me back. "Get up here and kiss me."

I did as ordered, and she threw her body on top of mine. She attacked my mouth while her hips rolled against mine in frantic desire. We moved back and forth, kissing and rubbing against each other until I was on the bottom, and she was on top of me. Her hips sipped up, and I could feel her pussy lips slide along my cock. Lauren moaned again. She twitched her hips along my length before she pushed up on my chest, then looked down at me. There was something in her eyes, and I smiled back at her. She must have decided because she braced herself on the bed, sat up, then pulled my cock up and between her lips.

"You'll like this," she said.

Still staring into my eyes, she slid down my cock until her body rested against mine. The sensations that flowed through my body were beyond beautiful. Even she gasped as she bottomed out on my cock. The soft skin inside her pussy was superheated where it touched my skin. Slowly, Lauren started to move her hips up and down on my cock. My eyes rolled back in my head as she rode me, braced on my chest. Her hips moved erratically, and I started to force my way up into her pussy as she slammed down on my hips. Neither one of us lasted too long. I don't know who came first, but soon I was pushing cum into her cunt, and her cunt was trying to cut my cock off at the root. She collapsed onto my chest, and I caught her in my arms where she rested for a couple of minutes.

"Damn, you're sexy," she said muzzily.

"You aren't so bad yourself, Lauren."

"Don't you go falling in love with me now," she remonstrated.

"Aren't you supposed to fall in love with your first one?"

Lauren giggled where she lay on my chest before she looked up at me, then kissed me again. There was a different passion in her kiss this time, something I did not understand, but I tried to give her what she sought.

"Yes, you are supposed to fall in love with your first. Doesn't always work that way, though. I was your first?"

"Yes. And you know that."

"Then, thank you."

We kissed again gently. The candle had long since gone out, and we were bathed only in moonlight, but neither one of us wanted to move. Eventually, Lauren sat up, then looked down at me.

"What?" I asked.


"Not nothing."

"No, not nothing."

She moved to lay beside me and kissed me again. I gently ran my hand along her side and over her ass. She wiggled her body against mine, which only served to stir my cock.

"Mm. Decisions, decisions," she muttered.

"What sort of decisions? Talk to me, Lauren."

She paused and looked at me.

"Let's take a quick dip," she said.

We slipped into the water off the side of my dock and took the opportunity to wash each other off of our bodies before we came together again. Lauren wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips as I braced my feet on the bottom.

"Keep a secret," she said after we had kissed for a bit.


"While you are not my first, you are near enough to it, and you were so much better than my first, even not knowing what you were doing…."

She rested her head on my shoulder for a moment as her body shook.



She sobbed a bit in my arms. I just held her close.

"The secret is that, until about two hours ago, was that I had a boyfriend. And then you rocked my world. I...I was going just going to have a bit of fun with you. Tease you a bit, suck you off."

She trailed off again and pulled herself closer against me.

"I'm on the pill. I started it at the beginning of the year because Alex…but that's not important. I don't know what to say."

"I don't know that I do either, Lauren. Kiss me?"

That she did, and with gusto. My cock swelled below her and bumped against her. I could not tell what I was hitting, whether it was her thigh or pussy, and I did not care at that point. I just continued to kiss Lauren in the moonlight. She shivered against me again.

"Your cock is such a distraction."

She shivered and moved her hips. A moment later, she was wrapped around my cock again. A sigh escaped her lips.

"What's up between you and Suzanne?"

"Nothing really. I think she is looking for someone."

"She made a good choice. Between the two of us, I bet we could leave her breathless. Clearly your kiss alone is enough to get her revved up. It is for me."

She sank onto my cock and then slid up as she talked, bobbing slowly in the water, but not hard enough or fast enough to make either of us cum.

"What are you talking about?"

I was lost. My brain was short-circuited by her pussy wrapped around my cock and what she was saying about Suzanne.

"Take me to bed," she said in answer. "Take me to bed, fuck me until neither one of us can see straight, and then we will do it again."

I pushed up into Lauren before I pulled out, and she put her feet down. We walked over to the dock, hopped out, dried off, and went back to the cabin. All we had for bedding was my sleeping bag, which we opened up. I had another dry towel that I put down over our makeshift double bed, then pulled the sleeping bag over us. Lauren curled up against my side, where she proceeded to kiss me again as her hand reached for my tumescent cock. She quickly brought it back to life. I pushed her onto her back and captured a nipple in my mouth, where I proceeded to suck and lick it as my hand slipped once more between her legs.

"Oh yes, you are a fast learner, John. Right there, right there," she gasped.

I stroked up and down on her clit as her hips wiggled uncontrollably. I could feel her tense up a moment before her orgasm crashed through her body. My hand got progressively wetter as her back bowed through the experience. She flopped bonelessly to the bed, then reached up, pulled me close, and kissed me.

"I changed my mind. Don't fuck me. Make love to me. Please!"

She pulled me over onto her, and my cock slid between her lips. She pulled her knees back, and my cock slipped into her quickly and smoothly. Lauren put her hand on my ass, forcing all of me inside of her.

"Don't move yet. Please don't move. Let me enjoy the feeling of you inside of me. Your cock feels so good there."

A tear leaked from her eye. I bent down enough to kiss the tear, then her lips. That was all it took. She started to move her hips, and I responded by moving mine. It took us only a moment to get our rhythm, but once we had it, everything else seemed to fall away until I was drowning in her eyes. My hand slipped up and squeezed her breast, then pinched her nipple, hard. Her legs flashed around my hips and yanked me towards her as her hips lost all coordination, and she gasped for breath. My cock exploded into her a moment later, yet we still kept going. Her next orgasm was silenced again the skin of my shoulder as I tried to stifle it, then fell back against the bed.

"Oh yeah," she sighed.

We kissed languidly as our bodies calmed down, and our breathing became less ragged. She cried a bit, her emotions released as she clung to me and tried to tell me I had done everything right. Eventually, she calmed down, and we kissed again.

"I know what I said, but would you just hold me?" she asked.

"Anything you want."

She kissed me again, then curled up against my side. Lauren put her hand across my waist, and my arm cradled her. I pulled the sleeping bag up over us, and we were quickly asleep.

Day Three

The alarm woke me at 0645. The air blowing through the cabin was brisk, mainly where parts of my body stuck out from under the sleeping bag. I lay on my side, Lauren's ass pushed against my groin as my arm held her close, my hands between her tits. Reflexively I squeezed one, earning a moan from her.

"Is that an alarm?" she asked.

"Yes. Time to get up and pretend we didn't spend the night together."

"I'm afraid that ship has sailed. I guess we don't have any time."

"Just time for a swim. I will fix that tomorrow."


She rolled around, and we kissed good morning before we headed for the lake. No one moved on the far shore yet, but we stayed out of sight as much as we could as we washed up from our nighttime activities. I tossed her the dry towel and quickly ran back to the cabin. Lauren pulled clothes and a brush from her backpack.

"What? You think I would spend the night with a man and not have a change of clothes?"

"Honestly, I have no clue. I am just watching you get dressed. I haven't seen that before."

"Oh? Wait until I have to shave."

My cock twitched a bit at the suggestion, and Lauren did not miss it.

"Oh, ho. A bit kinky are we? I look forward to seeing what else interests you. But for now, enjoy the show,” she said with a wink.

She made a production of pulling on her underwear and bra, the first time I had seen her wear one, then a t-shirt over her head before she pulled on her shorts and running shoes. She bent down and kissed me quickly.

"Don't take too long, and try not to think about me changing into my bikini when I get back to the cabin."

My cock twitched again. Her hand dipped down, stroked it once, kissed me again, then disappeared out the door. It took me a moment to get my cock under control before I could put on my clothes. Taking a page out of Lauren's book, I picked up a change of clothes and put them in the bottom of my pack, then tossed in some small things I might need for today's classes before I settled my feet in my shoes and made my way to breakfast.

"Good morning team," I said.

The fire roared in the grate, Eric and Jackson mixed the dough for the pancakes while Tay and Cassie were arguing over how best to make them.

"Just don't burn mine, please? I have a lot of work to do today," I said to a general laugh. "Where are Suzanne and Don?"

"I don't know about Don, but I am here," Suzanne said from behind me.

"Good morning! Sorry, I didn't see you there."

"Just arrived."

"Eric, go roust Don, would you? Tell him if he doesn't get up, I will send Cassie, with a bucket of water."

That got a laugh from everyone, and Eric walked out of the circle to find Don.

"What's the order for today?" François asked as he tipped a bug out of his bowl.

"Rick will brief everyone in a couple, but essentially, half of you will be with me, half will be with Andre working on your canoe skills. We will rotate like that every half-day for the rest of the week. Depending on what you feel you need more or less, you may spend extra time in one of the other groups."

"Who's going with you first?" Suzanne asked.

"Beats me. It may have been decided, it may not. Which reminds me, if you will save me some breakfast, I need to find out if we have compasses and how many we have."

"Need a hand?" Suzanne asked.

"Sure, come on."

We walked up to the map room. Lauren had moved the camp gear around since I was last in the room, and it was more crowded than even I thought it could be possible. We were barely inside the door when Suzanne moved into my arms and kissed me. We squirmed against each other for a couple of minutes before we broke.

"We should be a tad more careful. You can see straight into this building."

"Only if the light is right, and it isn't right now."

"Sounds like you have some experience with this."

"A bit," she said as she bit her lip. "About last night…"

"What about last night?"

"I shouldn't have run away like I did. You just…you caught me by surprise."

"I don't understand."

She moved us back into the shadows, then came into my arms again, her lips close to my ear.

"When you touched my nipples, it was intense. Too intense. I had not expected it to be that way."

"You had been teasing me all day, and I am sure that had something to do with it."

"It could, but no one else has ever made it that…intense."

The way she said intense told me she meant something by it, but I had no idea what.

"I'm a bit dense. I don't get out much. What do you mean by intense."

"I had an orgasm, but it was very wet. I have never had one like that. It caught me by surprise. I didn't want to embarrass you."

She pulled back from my ear and kissed me again, then grabbed my hands and put them on the now bare skin of her abdomen. I slid them up as she indicated and thumbed her small tits, then her large nipples. She gasped again and rammed her body against mine, but did not tell me to stop playing with her. She mewled in her throat, then bit my shoulder as she shook against my body.

"Enough, enough," she gasped.

I slid my hands down below the edge of her tits, but not off her hot skin. She looked over her shoulder, then grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it. I bent down and engulfed her small tit in my mouth as my tongue flicked her nipple. Her hand crushed my bicep before she pushed me off her chest.

"We need some time alone," she gasped. "And I need to change my panties before we go into the woods."

She kissed me again quickly, pulled down her shirt, and slipped out. I put my frustrated energy to good use and found the box of compasses. Some of them had seen better days. They were scratched, and one had a broken plate, but they all seemed to work. I put them in a row on the top of the cubby holes where they formed a shelf and let them settle. As they did this, I walked back to the campsite for breakfast.

"Got a minute?" Rick asked as our paths merged.

"Yup, what's up?"

"How do you want to split folks up?"

"Half and half? There are ten in each group. Looks like there are eight compasses, so we don't have to split the group up. I was on my way to get mine and verify how many of them are still true."

"Hey, that's good news. If you can get ten through at a time, we have two rotations over the next three days."

"That sounds like the plan, then."

Rick went off to talk to the others while I went to get breakfast. The pancakes were passible, and I quickly consumed two before I picked up my bag.

"I will be back in a couple of minutes, folks. Just need to check the accuracy of our borrowed compasses."

I walked back towards the map room. Lauren was inside.

"Hello," I said with a smile.

"Hello, you. Already frustrating women this morning?" she asked with a smirk.

"What do you mean?"

"Sex smells. Unless you did not have your way with her."

"It would seem she had an intense orgasm last night, and probably another one today when I sucked her nipple, nothing more than that.”

"You are having all kinds of fun today, aren't you."

"What do you mean?"

She moved forward and kissed me quickly.

"I am just teasing you. Be nice to her. Just don't forget me."

"How could I forget you?"

"Just be nice to her."

"Lauren, we need…"

"John, I am not jealous. She may not like you spending time with me, but I don't mind you spending time with her. At least not at the moment. Deal?"


We kissed again, then pulled away. I opened my bag and found my compass, set it beside the others, then did a quick inspection.

"Nice compass," Lauren said. "And you know how to use it."

"Yes. If I had it with me when we were in the swamp, we might have gotten out sooner."

"How long have you had it."

"About ten years now."

"And what do you see?"

I looked across the compass line.

"They all point north, which is good. It is rare for a compass to fall out, but it does happen. Other than the two with the broken plate, they will do for this exercise."

"Can I come?"

"Who's going to teach your class."

"Good point. But I need to learn this too."

"When does Andre teach another night class? I will take you out then."

"I will hold you to that."

"Rick's warming up out there. Time to get going."

Lauren looked out the window and nodded. I scooped up the compasses and dumped them in my pack after putting mine around my neck, and together we walked across the lawn.

"Questions?" Rick asked, then turned to us. "OK, off you go."

"My team with me," I said and headed towards the road to the orientation course.

When I was assigned the task of teaching orienteering, I knew I would need some maps, but the area we were working in was less than one square kilometer, so the usual 1:25000 scale map was going to be useless. I had spent some time at the cartography office and found some land surveys at a 1:9000 scale. They lacked some of the basics that were on a standard map but would be a good educational tool. I was thinking about my speech as we walked along the path towards the first marker.

"Gather round," I said when we reached the starting place, a small clearing with just enough room to form a circle. "You will notice that the ground here is rough, the sight-lines are pretty bad, and you can get lost. Our goal here is to teach you how to not get lost. Take one and pass it around."

I had made up a couple of sheets of information, including a photocopy of the maps we would use. I passed out compasses, and we set to work learning about declination and how to account for it. We all went together from the first to the second marker. Then, in turn, each person took the lead, and we marched from point-to-point. The higher the sun climbed, the hotter the day got, and by noon, we were exhausted, sweaty, and hungry.

"Good work. When you come back here tomorrow afternoon, it will be a bit more difficult. For now, let's get lunch. Now, who knows which way camp is?"

François was the first to determine which way we had to go, and soon we were back. Lunch was sandwiches, quickly consumed, and everyone rotated to their next assignment. I got Group Two, Lauren's team, and we walked back up the road. I went through the spiel again, passed out my handouts, and we were off to the races. This group took a bit longer to get their heads around the concepts, but in the end, no one got too lost. I was not sure how they would cope in the next exercise, but I was happy that at least if they found themselves up here, they had some concepts that many other staff never got. Our trip back to the camp was not as smooth as with my team, but we made it back with about thirty minutes to spare before dinner.

Andre was still out on the lake with a couple of folks, but my team was nowhere to be seen. Rather than look around for them, I took advantage of some free time and walked back to my cabin, where I stripped out of my sweat-soaked clothes, picked up a damp towel, and headed down to the lake. I took some solid strokes away from my dock towards the middle of the lake, luxuriating in the cold water as it sluiced the heat from my body. I looked back towards my dock. Lauren waved at me before she jumped into the water. I cut the distance between us and met her halfway.

"Hello, you," I said as we met. "How was your day?"

"Hot. Bloody hot."

"You should be out in the woods. No wind."

"How did they do?"

"Your team got the idea eventually. They seemed to be a bit flighty initially."

"Yes, they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer I noticed. Craig already cut himself on the ax."

"Not bad, I hope."

"No, just a nice gash."


We floated for a couple of minutes before we swam back into the shore where we kissed.

“Joanne is damn sexy," she said, her arms around my neck.

"Think so?"

"Cute butt, and those tits. Yeah, I think so. No one on your team can keep their eyes off of her."

"I like Cassie's build myself."

She studied me as she thought about that.

"I can see how you would. Well, take advantage of any offer."

"Including you."

"Especially me. Have I told you how empty I feel today without being able to touch you? Damn, I am almost obsessing over you."

"Feel free to obsess. Just tell me what you need from me. I am still learning."

"Never fear, I will."

"We need to find some dry towels."

That got a laugh from her and another kiss before we climbed out of the water, dried off, and went back to get dressed. This time, Lauren watched me get dressed, with more than a few touches. I hung up our towels, grabbed my pack, and headed to dinner. Andre met me on the path.

"How was the day," he asked.

"Hot and sweaty. You?"

"Not so sweaty, clearly, but still hot, even on the lake."

"How are they coming along?"

"Really well. I think we have a good group of canoeists here."

"That is great to hear. Grab a swim, and I will see that everyone gets dinner going."

"Thanks, just going to change, and I will be along."

"See you there."

There were fires in two of the three pits when I arrived. Lauren's team seemed to be struggling to get it started.

"Having issues?" I asked.

"Wood's wet," Clarence said.

"Hm. Odd. Need a hand?"

"If you think you can do better," he said, frustrated.

I looked at their fire and tried not to tell them what they were doing wrong. Instead, I picked up the log they were trying to light and looked at it. It was wet on the outside, and perhaps a trifle green too. I put it down with the others and pulled up another piece.

"Who's got a knife?" I asked.

I was surprised that none of them did.

"A knife? Camp rules explicitly forbid them," Gretchen singsonged.

"For campers, yes. Not for staff. In fact, I encourage you to have at least one with you at all times."

As I had left my pack over by my fire pit, I picked up the ax instead, then selected a couple of pieces of wood.

"Not sure if Andre covered this last night, but if you split it up into smaller pieces, it makes it easier to light."

I put actions to words and cracked the wood along the grain. The blade was a trifle dull, but I got the job done.

"Problems?" Lauren asked.

"Wet wood," came the stock answer.

"Can I borrow your knife. Mine's in my pack."

Lauren fished her Swiss Army knife out and passed it to me. I took one of my sticks and shaved off some kindling into the bottom of the firebox, then built up the standard log cabin with extra floors. I passed the knife back, pulled out my matches, and started the fire. By now, I had a crowd watching me. The kindling caught, and soon the base fire was going. I built it up and then turned it over to Lauren. Most of her team had their mouths hanging open.

"I'm going to have you do the fire lighting demo next time," Andre said with a laugh.

"Just make sure I have my knife with me, which reminds me…"

I walked over to my pack, pulled out my knife, and put it in my pocket with my match case. I was still not working on camp carry. I stuffed my compass in the other pocket.

"Nice demo, John," François said as I came to check on my team. "There is no way that wood is wet. It hasn't rained up here in a week."

"More if the wood is any indication. How are we making out. What's for dinner. Smells like Stroganoff."

"You sure you've never been a counselor before?" Dan asked.

"Nope, first year. Just consumed a lot of Stroganoff. Way too much. Put some flavor in that will you? Like beef?"

We all got a good laugh, especially those with experience eating it and talk turned to other things while it cooked.

"Tonight is first-aid night," Rick announced as we finished up our dishes. "Once everyone is done, please come up to the main building, and we will get started."

"What's first-aid night?" Roger asked as we stacked the dishes.

"Just a refresher. Most of you should be current, so it is more a discussion of how to handle injuries to the kids, at least that is what I was told. But who knows, maybe there will be some light bondage."

A couple laughed at my comment, but Roger just looked at me strangely.

"You know when we tie up wounds?"

"Oh, right," he said, finally getting the joke.

At least I hoped he got the joke. Behind me, Suzanne still giggled as we walked to the main house.

"Tie me up later?" she asked as she passed me and went inside.

I had no way to answer that, so I just followed everyone. The big room had the center of the floor cleared, so it might be that we would do some hands-on work tonight. I sat down next Joanne while everyone found a seat.

"Learning a lot?" I asked.

"What? Oh, yeah, a whole lot. I don't know that I am even going to be able to remember it all."

"That's why the pair you with experienced staff for the first couple of weeks," I said.

I was pretty sure I had heard that somewhere, or maybe I had read it. Either way, they didn't expect us to fly solo. I hoped.

"Where did you learn to read a map?" she asked.

"Scouts. We had an orienteering badge and most of the kids, we were what, thirteen at the time, were clueless, but it seemed pretty natural to me, and I just did it. Pretty soon the leaders had me teaching the course and I worked with our Scout Master to develop some materials to help everyone else. It was actually kind of fun."

"So, we're learning the Scout way?"

“With some personal modifications from other sources.”

"Cool. Have you got a girlfriend?"

The question came out of left field. If she had asked me a couple of days ago, the answer would have been obvious, but now, I was a bit confused. Still, I had to say something.

"I am friends with several girls. Why?"

"No, silly, like, are you dating anyone?"

"Oh, that. Nope. I go to a boarding school, so I don't get out much."

Our conversation was cut short by Rick getting our attention and laying out the fun for the evening.

"In your teams, you will take care of your lead as if they are injured. So, Andre, Lauren, John, on the floor, please."

We got up and lay down with enough room between us for the people to work. Rick passed us each a sheet of paper while he distributed the supplies. I looked at mine. I had a severe laceration on my left calf and a broken right arm. Fun. Rick came by and squirted some red goo on my calf then moved on to the others. By the time he finished, Lauren had a head wound, and there was some blood oozing down Andre's shoulder. My team hurried up to me and started to evaluate me. Dan rattled my broken arm, and I cried out in pain. That got their attention, and two of them began to work on my arm while others were busy with my leg. They had my leg bandages quickly and splinted my arm rapidly after that with a minimum amount of jostling.

"OK, how did we do?" Rick asked as he looked at our care.

"Looks good, looks good. Andre, how was the care?"

"Quick and efficient. If it had been real, it might have been a bit more painful than it was."

"Something to consider. Lauren."

"Same. I would like to be writhing on the floor the way they poked a couple of my wounds."


"After the initial size up, which rattled my arm, it was quick and tender."

"Tender. Good word. Remember, we are dealing with children. If they get injured they will be in irrational amounts of pain, mostly caused by panic. You have be tender. Questions? Go get cleaned up you three, we'll see you in the morning."

We got up off the ground, grabbed our bags, and headed out while Rick started reviewing some policy stuff.

"You read the policy manual, right?" Andre asked as we stepped onto the lawn.


"What do you do with an injured kid?"

"Bandage them, document what happened. Keep them calm. If you and the other staff feel the wound is severe, evac them."

"Who has the final say on the evac?"

"The councilor."

"Almost textbook," Lauren said.

Andre did not say anything as we walked past Lauren's cabin and up the path. As it narrowed approaching his cabin, Lauren lead, I was behind her and Andre brought up the rear. As we got close, one of his hands fell on my shoulder. I was startled, to say the least. Lauren kept walking without turning. I stopped.

"Be nice to her," he said quietly. "She's not as strong as she looks, OK?"

"Nothing to worry about, Andre. We're trying to be nice to each other."

He chuckled low in his throat.

"I forget how young you are."

"Hey, I'm seventeen," I said, pretending to be offended.

"No offense, you're holding your own, and if Lauren likes you, you must have something."

"Thanks, I think."

"Go, before she hunts you down."

"See you tomorrow."

I walked up the path and found Lauren waiting just around the corner. She stepped into my arms and kissed me before she put her lips next to my ear.

"He threatened you?"

"Just told me to be nice to you," I said and nipped her earlobe.

"Mm, do that again?"

I traced her ear with the tip of my tongue before I nipped her earlobe again. She shivered against me.

"Let's get naked and scrub this fake blood off of each other."

We walked quickly back to my cabin. We tested each towel and found none of them dry. We shrugged together, laughing as we did, and stripped naked, then headed for the lake. Lauren had a long gash on her right arm, theoretically. I pulled out some scissors from my kit and sliced away the gauze and pad beneath it. I turned the scissors around, but Lauren caught my hand.

"Let me."

She took the scissors and neatly sliced the bandage from my leg.

"I would trust you with my life," she whispered as she handed me back my scissors.

I pulled her into an embrace.

"And you with mine," I said quietly.

Our kiss seemed to go on forever. At some point, she ended up in my lap, with my cock buried deep inside her.

"We aren't getting clean," I observed.

"Don't care," she said.

We returned to our kiss as our hands moved up and down each other.

"John, your cock fills me so much. I could stay like this forever."

Neither one of us was close to orgasm as she wiggled in my lap.



"I have a blade fetish."

"Tell me," I said.

"The feeling of cold steel on my skin excites me. When I shave, I use a safety razor."

I got the idea.

"So, it would be more exciting to you if you surrendered and let me do it?"

She moaned and shivered against me, and her pussy clenched along the length of my cock.

"Yesssssssssss." she hissed.

I pushed her back a bit and flicked my tongue over her engorged nipple.

"Yes, yes, that's good."

I moved to the other one and sucked it before I pinched her other nipple.

"Fuck!" she gasped and squeezed my cock again. "Can you reach my clit?"

I slipped my finger between us and found her clit. I flicked and rubbed the engorged nubbin.

"Yes, yes, yes," she gasped

She squeezed my cock with her internal muscles as she came all over me, gasped, and raked her nails across my back.

"John, damn it. Make me cum."

I rolled her onto the deck. She gasped as another inch of me slipped into her. She pulled her legs back, and remarkably another bit of me slipped into her. I eased back and pushed forward, slowly at first and then with more vigor. We squished together as our combined fluid flowed out of us and into the other until there was no point of separation between us. Lauren's head rolled back and forth on the dock, and our hips hammered against each other. Her orgasm was long, drawn-out, and nearly crushed my cock as I drove into her. My cum poured into her body as her cum poured over us. Tears flowed from her eyes as she raked my shoulders until we collapsed onto the hardwood of the deck.

Her sobs raked her body, and I held onto her, gave her substance and security until she returned to herself. We kissed, gently, passionately, lovingly, and then she fell against me. I don't know how much time had passed before she came back to me.

"I'm a mess," she said.

"I can't tell. It's too dark."

I kissed her, and she laughed.

"That was, without a doubt, one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. Thank you."

"Thank you," I said.

"No, John, you managed to make me forget everything, everyone. It was just you. Only you. I don't know how I could ever experience that with anyone else. I don't know that I ever want to experience it with anyone else."


"No. John, no. Just hold me."

So I held her. And I was still holding her when the sun came up the following morning.

"What?" Lauren asked.

"Shh. Dawn. Come, let's slip into the water and we can dry in the morning sun."

She pulled herself up with a groan of pain.

"Let me get you some meds."


She turned me around.

"You're going to need some yourself. Your back is a mess. Sorry."

She kissed my spine.

"I can wear a shirt."

I walked up to the cabin, found my bottle of pain meds, and grabbed a cup before I returned. Lauren was already in the lake when I arrived, and I jumped in with her. The extent of the damage on my back made me wince and cry out.

"You OK?" Lauren asked. "Out of the water, now."

The command in her voice brooked no argument. She directed me back to the cabin and had me lay down on my stomach.

"First-aid kit?"


"You're a Scout, and you don't have a first aid kit?"

I had to laugh from where I lay.

"There is a small one in my pack, but the spare parts are in the black bag near the top of my duffle bag."

She pulled out my spare parts bag and all but dumped it on the nearest empty bed. She moved a few things around until she found what she wanted.

"This might hurt. No, this will hurt, and it's my fault."

She squirted something on my back in several places. If she had not been straddling my hips at the time, I would have hit the roof. Still, the ride she got was probably rougher than she might have expected.


"Only on my knife. Right pocket."

"You have a huge splinter in your back too. Hold on."

I braced myself as she fished it out. I gasped as it came clear.

"And now you're bleeding."

"Of course," I mumbled.

She rubbed the ointment into my cuts. My hands made fists in the mattress.

"Got a dark T-shirt?"


"You should wear it today."


"I am sorry, John."

"I know."

I rolled over under her. My cock suddenly split her pussy. She sighed as she looked down at me.

"Lauren, never apologize for something we both enjoyed."

Her hips slid along my stiffening cock a moment before she slipped it inside her body.

"Only if you let me take care of you afterward."

"Deal. Now kiss me."

She did—many times.

Day Four

Lauren helped me get dressed. Rather than shoulder my pack, which only hurt, I simply carried it down to the fire site.

"Morning, John!" François said cheerily. "Ready for the day?"

"Morning, François. Going well. You've got Lauren first thing, then back with me in the woods with only a map and a compass for company.

"Looking forward to it!"

"What's breakfast?"

"Oatmeal. Something to stick to your ribs," Roger said.

"The only way I like oatmeal is with plenty of cold milk and heaps of brown sugar."

"Me too," Dan said with a laugh.

'Me mum, she makes a really good slow oatmeal," Tay added. "Takes hours."

"Traditional Irish?" I asked.

"Yeah. Really good."

"I haven't had that in a long time. Fire's hot? Let's get cooking. Cassie and Eric are the chefs?"

I got out of the way, and everyone went to work. Around us, the other teams were beginning to get their act together.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Joanne asked me as I looked around.

"Just thinking how different the teams are."

"We do seem better organized."

"Just luck, I guess. Anyway, I need to go and get some lunch fixings."

I wolfed down my breakfast and headed for the main building. Rick was just coming out for the morning briefing.

"Morning, John, how's the day?"

"Morning, Rick. Good thanks. Can I get some cold cuts for lunch? I have to rearrange my course over the lunch break."

"Yeah, stick your head in the back door, Margie should be able to hook you up."


"Did you brief your team yet?"

"No, I was going to get lunch and then do that before I took Andre's group up."

"OK. See you in a couple then. How're things going?"

"Andre's team and Lauren's teams are a bit behind, but mine should be doing dishes about now."

"I noticed that too. OK. See you there."

I headed for the main building, and Rick went to brief folks on the upcoming fun for the day.

"Knock knock," I said, coming into the kitchen area of the main building.

"Hey, John, how are you?" Margie asked, dusting flour from her hands.

Margie was Rick's wife. We had not seen much of her, which was no surprise given she was about six months pregnant. She tended to stay out of the sun, but she was an excellent cook and a fun lady.

"I need some lunch fixings. I have to reset my course during lunch."

"Of course. Sit down, let me get you some things."

She puttered around the kitchen for a couple of minutes and put together a couple of sandwiches for me in a bag, then added a couple of bottles of water.

"It's hot up there, even when it's cool elsewhere. You'll need the water even if you plan to come down in-between. Drink all of it. Hear me?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said in all seriousness as I put the things in my bag. "And thanks."

"You're welcome. Go get 'em!"

"Thanks, Margie."

She waved at me as she went back to work, and I went back to the fires.

"Any questions?" Rick asked as I slipped up to my fire. "OK, get cleaned up. John, where do you want the next team?"

"We'll leave from here in about ten minutes?"

"Right, let's get to it then, shall we?"

Everyone went back to finish their breakfast or start cleaning up. My team went to get ready for their rotation. I watched Andre wrangling his team. He was a good leader, but they were not self-starters. When he was not around, they tended to flutter off to their own devices. I looked at Lauren's team. They had a couple, but most seemed caught up in preening with each other. I guess I had lead a sheltered life. Getting things done without being told to do them had been drilled into my head. I was lucky to get the team I had. They seemed to pitch in without anyone telling them what to do.

"You are very intent," Joanne said, coming up to me.

"Hm? Just wool-gathering. Waiting for folks to finish up their cleaning."

"Why are you so focused?"


"You seem to be very focused."

"I guess I am doing things in the background. I am thinking about the new layout for the course starting this afternoon and whether I can get it all done over the lunch hour."

"It was more than that," she said.

"Not really."

"OK. If you want to talk, just let me know."

"Thank, Joanne. Time to get to work."

I stood up, grabbed my pack, and walked over to where the team was putting their dishes away.

"Are we ready?"

They seemed startled and looked at each other, one still eating.

"We haven't finished breakfast."

"Then I guess you will have to finish it at lunch. We have a schedule to keep. Grab your gear. Let's go."

They grumbled up to the site, then some more as we walked from marker-to-marker. By the time we got to the third marker, I had had enough.

"Listen up. I don't care if you never learn how to do this. But someday, maybe this summer, maybe next, you will find yourself in a situation where six scared, tired, whiney kids will be looking at you to get them unfucked from the situation that you got them into. And then you will have to explain to the director, and their parents, why you could not extricate your team from the forest, swamp, or mountain top where you have gotten lost. So perhaps you should pay attention to more than your sore feet, the breakfast you missed, or any number of things that get in the way of your comfort and think about how you are going to look after six kids that are entrusted to your care. Am I clear?"

I think I reached a couple of them, because the rest of the morning, while not picture-perfect, was completed without any more complaints.

"When we next meet, the course will be different, and you will be expected to do it alone. I encourage everyone to study the materials I gave you. Now, which way do we go to get back?"

As they trooped off down the trail, I sat down hard on a rock and tried to forget them. Some rustling caught my attention.

"Good speech," Rick said as he came up to me. "You sure you've never done this before?"

"Done what?"

"Been a guide."

"I'm not a guide. But I have been one of those scared, whiney kids. At least for the first six minutes, then I started trying to figure out how to keep the rest of the cabin from distracting the staff."

"John, you have all the instincts of a guide and the skills. I watched you do that fire the other day. Textbook and even Andre was impressed. I've read the reports from your other trips up here. You can set and strike a camp, get the important stuff done, and with wet feet. I know about your canoe work. You have what it takes to be a guide."


"Don't mention it. Need a hand resetting the course?"

"Yes, that would be wonderful, thanks. Here's what I have in mind."

I pulled out my second map and showed him the plan along with the additional markers. We walked the course, checked my measurements and bearings, then verified that my handrails were in place. The biggest one was a small creek to the west that lead back to the lake. It was a bit of a long way around, but if you got lost, it would get you to safety.

"I wish there was a good handrail on the east side," I said, as we walked back to the starting point.

I had looked up, left, down, checked the map numerous times, but there was nothing obvious.

"It is pretty sparse out here, yeah, which is why it is a good location for this. You picked well."

"Too well. For beginners, they need all the help they can get. I am not sure this group will make it."

"What about your group?"

"I am worried about Dan and Don mostly. They seem to be the most unsure in the woods."

"They will be OK. Trust the teaching."

"I'll do that, thanks. And thanks for the help."

"Not a problem," he said before he clapped me on the shoulders.

I am sure I winced.

"Sorry. Lauren mentioned you were a bit sore. Let me see."

My shirt had stuck to my back in several places, but between the two of us, we managed to get it up and off without causing me too much more pain.

"Ouch. She did a number on you. And yea, that was a huge splinter. You should stay out of the lake until you heal. Use the shower upstairs in the main building."


"Don't worry. Lauren's a good friend. She came looking for more ointment to cover those. You're good for her. Keep it up."

"I will. Thanks again."

I watched him head for the trail before I pulled my shirt back over my head. It was wet and sticky. I tried not to wince. I reached into my pack and pulled out some ibuprofen. I washed it down with my lunch, which, despite the number of sandwiches, was quickly gone. I drained the second bottle of water and looked around. The site was ready, the heat climbed, and I listened to the sounds of the forest at noon. It was pleasant. My solitude was soon broken as my team walked up the path. They were not quiet, but they were certainly less noisy than other groups.

"Here he is," François said as he rounded the corner.

"Afternoon, all."

They arranged themselves around me while I passed out some new maps with the latest course on it.

"I want these back, please. Any notes, please make them on a separate piece of paper. It will only ruin the surprise for the others."

There were some chuckles and some groans as I said this.

"Here's the play. You each have a map. You will do this in pairs. Originally I was going to have you go out individually, but I think from a safety perspective, two is best. If you get into a bad place, your handrail is the creek that runs down to the mouth of the bay. Walk around the shoreline, and you will be at the sauna. Questions?"

There were none. I split them up into what I thought were good learning pairs and sent the first ones off.

"You missed lunch," Suzanne said, handing me a sandwich.

"Thanks. Margie hooked me up, but I am still hungry. Resetting the course took a bit. You're up. Be safe."

She kissed me on the cheek and gathered up Eric, and they set off to the first marker. Jackson and Tay headed out next.

"Rick said you could use some water," Joanne said, passing me a bottle. She and Jackson were the last ones to go out.

"Thanks. Yes, I am a bit parched. Be careful out there, OK. Jackson, you listen to her, she's got a good sense of direction."

"You bet. It's been a great couple of days so far. Thanks for all the knowledge."

"Glad to help. It is as much to keep you safe as to make sure the kids have a fun time."

"Too right."

"Ready? Off you go. See you are the end."

The last instruction was to make their way back to camp when they hit the marker, so I picked up my pack and headed down the road. There was a secondary footpath that dumped out behind Andre's cabin. It was cool in the shade, and I took advantage of his chair to rest. When I got there, François and Dan were coming down the path already.

"That was quick. Maybe I should have set up something harder."

"No, no, that was plenty hard. Nice swamp too," Dan said with a laugh.

"That was not a swamp, ami," François said. "But, it was fun."

"Go hit the lake. Try not to wander too far afield. If the rest are not back by 4, we will have to look for them. Maps and compass, please."

The handed them over to me, and I noted the time they arrived on my tracking sheet, then waved as they headed off to their cabin as I sat down to await the next pair. About a half-hour went by before four people trotted down the path.

"Good work. Any trouble?"

"None, but man, you are heartless," Eric said.

"At least you are here in order. Good to see that. Give me your maps and compass, then go and cool off. If we are missing anyone by 4, we will have to rustle up a search party."

They handed over the tools, I made notes, and they were off. A moment later, Suzanne was back.

"Forget something?" I asked.

"Just making sure you're OK."

"I'm fine. Why?

"You looked, I don't know. Off."

"Probably just tired. Resetting the course. Even with Rick's help, it took longer than I thought."

"OK, as long as you're sure. Need anything?"

"No, I'm good, thanks."

She bent down, and rather than kiss my cheek, she kissed my lips. It was a soft, gentle kiss. Fortunately, she braced herself on the back of the chair rather than on my shoulder, for which I was grateful. She was gone a minute, and two more came down the path. Tay and Cassie were chattering on like old friends.

"I need to make it harder next time," I said.

They looked up in surprise, then Cassie smiled.

"Hey, John," she said. "Yeah, it was pretty easy. Joanne and Jackson are behind us."

"Thanks. That's everyone then. Maps and compasses, please."

They handed them over and headed for the beach. It was just a bit before four as they walked down the path to their cabins. They had just rounded the bend when Jackson came around the bend, with Joanne behind him.

"What did you think?"

"Bit of a challenge," Jackson said, "but yes, it was good to have someone with a sense of direction."

"Told you. Maps and compasses, please. Get yourselves cleaned up."

Jackson waved at me, then headed down the path while Joanne handed me the tools of the trade.

"Now what?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I said as I put things away.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Probably go and change clothes, maybe take a nap before dinner," I said as I picked up my gear and stepped down off the porch.

Joanne fell in next to me as I walked up the path to my cabin.

"John," she said, touching my back.

"Ow," I cried out.

"What?" she said, suddenly concerned.

"Nothing, I just got too much sun."


"No, yesterday."

"Ah, that's why you have been carrying your pack. Well, come on, let's get some aloe on that burn, or you will be miserable."

"It's OK."

"John, I've got four brothers, and hell, half the guys around here, are shirtless more than than they aren't, so I can handle a naked back. Go on."

To her credit, she pushed my ass rather than my back. Fortunately, I did not have any aloe, so my stall would work.

"Come on, let's get this done," she said as she pulled some from her bag.


"Call me, Jo. Come here."

She sat on the edge of my makeshift double bed. Rather than pulling my shirt out, she flicked the button on my shorts and had the zipper down before I could react. She winked at me as my shorts fell with their own weight.

"I told you I have four brothers. You are not the first male I have seen in his underwear."

With that, she grabbed the hem of my shirt and slowly eased it off, standing up as she did. Joanne has two notable features. First, she had sparkling blue eyes that seemed to laugh regardless of what she was saying. The second was a prodigious chest. Lauren's tits were an average size, Joanne's were huge, and as she stood, they dragged up my body, which caused my cock to take notice. Fortunately, she was already on her feet by the time I was erect and pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it aside.

"Lay down," she said, turning me around.

Reluctantly I did.

"Now, let's...what the fuck. The bitch, she's made a mess of your back. I'll kill her."

"Jo, keep your voice down. Sound carries this close to the lake. And I don't know who you mean, but trust me, she feels as bad about what she did as I do."

"I can't believe that."

I turned around and caught her face in my hand.

"Jo, she does. There was a lot of ... emotion. Just forget it, OK?"

I let her go, but she was not letting me go.

"Sorry. Look, John, lie down. Let me treat those at least, and tell you a story."

I gave up and lay down as directed. She did have a tender touch as she put ointment on each of my scratches.

"This isn't a scratch," she said as her finger traced the splinter site.

"No, splinter."

"I can't wait to hear that story. Anyway, you know Suzanne has the hots for you, right?"

"More than the hots, I suspect."

"Well, she's never had sex before, if that helps."

"Telling tales out of school, Jo, but thank you, it explains a couple of things."

"I thought it might. Cassie and I like her. She did not do this to you?"

"No, and neither did Cassie, but don't pry, please?"

"Cassie likes you too, but she is going to stand aside for Suzanne."

As she talked, she had touched up all the cuts, and my mind was a bit untethered between the heat and the lack of sleep the night before. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I felt Joanne kiss the back of my neck where my spine met my shoulder. And instead of the rough feeling of a t-shirt, all I felt was skin. She kissed each bone in my back until she was forced to slide off my legs. Her kisses ended up at the top of my underwear.

"Lift your hips," she whispered as she tugged at my underwear.


"Do it."

I did, and she pulled them off, then continued to kiss down until she hit the crack of my ass. She tickled it with her tongue, which made me squirm.

"Turn over, sit up," she said quietly

She pulled another mattress down in front of the bed. My cock was at full staff as she slid between my legs and looked into my eyes. From where I looked, I saw her eyes, but her tits distracted me. She looked down, then back up at me and smiled.

"I was afraid you were gay. No, not gay, but...see, most guys look at my boobs first. I don't think you saw them until just now."

As she talked, she moved forward and nestled my cock between her mounds.

"Every guy I have ever met, except you, wants to fuck my tits. You, you seem to look at my eyes."

"You have lovely eyes."

She smiled at me with a thousand-watt smile.

"What color are they?" she asked a second after she closed them.

"Sapphire blue with flecks of gold and silver."

"Fuck, I think I just came," she moaned.

As she talked, she had wrapped her massive tits around my cock and had begun to stroke it.

"Jo, you should get ready for dinner."

"Nope. I want to feel this massive member between my tits."

"Won't Suzanne be jealous?"

"And Cassie, but we did not say we wouldn't tease you. Or take care of you. So who did this to you?"

"Jo, no. And should you find out, just keep it...between your tits."

She laughed as she kept teasing me.

"It's that important?"

"Jo, these scrapes are trivial. They will heal. The confidences that go with them, they are important to me, to the lady, and to us. Do you understand?"

There was a tear in the corner of her eye.

"You know how to hit a woman where it matters. I should stop, shouldn't I?"

"Jo, at the risk of sounding uncultured, I don't know what to say."

"That makes you all the more wonderful."

She stood up, her tits in my face. Then she bent down and kissed me.

"Anytime you want, you only have to ask. Got it?"

"Jo, I would never ask if you did not want it too."

"Oh, fuck, I did cum that time. How the fuck."

"Come on, let's get to dinner."

"Got a shirt? Let me help you into it."

We were a couple of minutes early for dinner, so Joanne and I started the fire and pulled out the ingredients. Her face showed it all. Pizza.

"Now what?"


"What's an oven?"

"Excellent question," Lauren said as she arrived. "John asked it, right?"


"You should hope to get him as your guide."

"I hate pizza," I said with a straight face.

"Come on, John. I need a big, strong man."

I looked around.

"Andre's not here yet."

"Smart ass. Come on."

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

She lead the way across the lawn to the map room. Once inside, she kissed me passionately.

"How are you?"

With half the female population here looking out for me, how else can I be?"

She looked at me funny.

"I had to tell Rick. You needed more cream."

"I know. And Joanne found out. She wants to, and I quote kill the bitch that injured me unquote. Apparently, there is a cabal of women out there who are out to protect me and make sure Suzanne beds me. I may be paraphrasing. I talked her down from killing the bitch and refused to say who it was."

Lauren threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again.

"I am so sorry."

"Lauren, it's OK. And she put meds on my back this afternoon. More on that later. Are you going to wash my back this evening?"

"Rick would kill me. But that is the only reason I am saying no."

"Good girl. Let's get back."


I kissed her.

"Later, OK?"

We grabbed the three ovens and returned to the cook site. Lauren began to explain their use, and my team cranked up the fire. I still do not like camp pizza, but it was not horrible. We were doing dishes as Rick arrived.

"Good evening, folks. I hope we all had a great day. Tonight's activity is charades. Let's move inside."

Charades were fun, if goofy. My team came second, and everyone had a good time. When the call for bed arrived, I hung back.

"How's your back?" Andre asked me, passing me some juice.

"Sore, but healing. How do you know?"

"Lauren told me. She was beside herself. I told her it happens. Been there myself. Don't ask."

"I wasn't going to, but thanks."

"She was scared. From what she said, you handled it well. Really mature. Good for you."


"Everyone is gone. Go grab a shower and get some sleep."

"That is the best plan I have heard today."

Andre rousted the last of the stragglers out, and I went upstairs. Margie was there.

"You forgot your towel, didn't you?"

"Yeah," I said sheepishly.

"In the bathroom, end of the hall. Take your time."


A shower put the topper on the day. I did not take as long as I might, but it was good. My back stung as I put my shirt back on, just not as severely. I slipped out the back door and made my way to my cabin. Someone was on my porch, their shadow different than the rest of the darkness around the area. Rather than call out, I climbed the stairs.

"Hi," a tiny voice said.

"Hi, yourself. You are hiding in the shadows. Who are you."

"Cassie," she said, sitting forward.

"I should have guessed. Why are you here?"

"To keep you company, of course. Can we go inside?"

I held the door open, and she went in before I did. She looked around the space, then sat down on the bed.

"Come, sit."

I bent down to pick up the mattress and put it back on the bed before I sat down next to her.

"Jo is such a tease, isn't she?"

"I wouldn't know," I responded seriously.

"She told me about this afternoon. You don't have to cover."

"Why are you here?"

"I told you. To keep you company. Suzanne was tearing a strip out of Lauren for injuring you when I left."

I was on my feet before I even knew I had moved. Cassie grabbed my arm.

"John, sit. Jo was in the middle, getting it sorted. Don't worry."

"I have to worry."

"And that is why we are circling the wagons. John, we ... care for you. Sit down, please?"

She kissed me, more to distract me, I think than anything else. There was passion, but not like Lauren.

"John. John, can you."

"Can I what?"

"Nothing. Your kiss tells me everything."

"Cassie, I like you. I would like to be friends with you. Can we do that for now?"

"Yeah, John, we can do that. That would be great. And you've got some great things to teach us."

"Thanks, glad you are finding it useful."

Steps on the porch caught our attention. I stood up and opened the door. Lauren walked in, and I pulled her into my arms, then kissed her. Soundly and passionately but without letting her go. Her arms never left my neck.

"Cassie," I began, "I will defend Lauren to my last breath. Lauren, I will do the same for Suzanne, Cassie, and Joanne. And everyone else. If you cannot deal with this, I will survive. Are we clear?"

"I love a man who states his position," Cassie said.

"Me, too," Lauren said without letting me go.

Cassie stood up and walked over to where I still held Lauren. She moved against us, then kissed me.

"Lauren, be good to him."

"Count on it," Lauren said.

"Cause Joanne wants to make him come with her tits if you don't."

Lauren laughed, and then Cassie and I did.

"I would like to see that," Lauren said.

"We can arrange that," Cassie said as she walked out the door.

Lauren rubbed her hips against my erection.

"I was serious. I would love to see you come on her tits. And then mine. And maybe Suzanne's and Cassie. Renee also has a nice rack. Maybe you could just spray it around."

"Lauren, you are so kinky."

"You ain't seen nothing yet."

Our kiss lasted until we were breathless.

"Come to bed, tell me about today," she said as she pulled off her T-shirt.

"Strange question, but teach me about breasts?"


I told her about Joanne.

"Yeah, she is stacked. OK. Come here."

She pulled off her bra and handed it to me.

"What does it say?"


"Thirty-four is my chest size. You're what a forty?"

"Yes, as of my last fitting."

"They call it the band size. The cup size, C, is the number of inches my tits stick out from my chest, give or take. So about three inches. Suzanne is an A. They barely stick out an inch. Cassie is probably a B, call it two inches. Joanne. Well, you will have to ask her. It could be a double D, and it could be larger."

"OK, thanks."

"Why are we still dressed?"

"Beats me," I said with a smile.

We helped each other get naked, and if I spent more time touching her tits or her ass, she said nothing because she spent just as much time playing with my cock.

"Let me see your back, please?"

I turned around. She ran her hand gently over my marks.

"The splinter site is still red," she said. "The rest look sore but have scabbed over."


"Yes, she did a good job. Pass me the cream?"

I passed her the tube, and she covered a couple of spots. She was working on one near my hip when there was a knock on the door. I looked back, and she nodded.

"Come," I said.

We watched Joanne walk in. She wore a t-shirt that stopped at her mid-thigh.

"Hi," I said, as Lauren treated my back.

"I guess I am overdressed," she said, pulling her T-shirt over her head.

"Ask her," Lauren said

"Ask me what?"

"John just asked me about breasts. Specifically bra sizes."

Joanna laughed.

"Thirty-six double D, verging on an F. You?"


"Sexy. What do we do with him?" Joanne asked.

"Well, I have treated his back. And there are two naked women in his sight, so his cock is likely bound against the mattress."

"We should do something about that."

"What do you want, Jo?" I asked, interrupting them.

"Hush, John, the girls are talking. Cassie said you wanted to see me make him cum with my tits, so here I am."

"Hm, that could be fun," Lauren said. "I might learn something."

"First, you have to get your sexy ass off of his sexy ass."

Lauren slid backward off me, then encouraged me to sit up. I looked back and forth between the two women, not sure what was going on, or why Lauren even wanted to do this. She knelt on the mattress and pulled my legs apart enough for Joanne to slip between them.

"You need to get it nice and slippery first," Joanne said.

She bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth before she slobbered all over it. It seemed she was less interested in sucking me off than getting me slippery. She did this for a couple of minutes before she sat up and wrapped her tits around my cock. It felt nice.

"Once he's slippery, you put it between your tits, squeeze them together, then you slide up and down on him like this."

She put action to words and moved her tits up and down on my cock. Again, it felt nice, but It was not doing much for me.

"You try," she said to Lauren and moved back.

Lauren took her place.

"First, you get him nice and slippery," she said.

She repeated Joanne's motions and got my cock all slippery as she slobbered all over it.

"Then, you slide up and down."

She tried to wrap her considerably smaller tits around my cock and moved up and down on it.

"Ladies, with all due respect to your sexiness, this isn't doing anything for me."

As if I had flicked a switch, Joanne kissed my mouth, her tongue dove between my lips, and we wrestled back and forth for several minutes as Lauren's mouth dropped over my cock.

"Play with my tits," Joanne whispered before she kissed me again.

I did as she asked. She moaned into our kiss before she lowered her body onto my thigh, where she proceeded to rub her clit on my leg.

"Oh, yes, yes," she moaned as she broke our kiss.

I looked down, and Lauren had a finger sliding between Joanne's pussy lips. Lauren stopped sucking on my cock to focus on getting Joanne off. It only took another moment before Joanne was panting, gasping, and writhing on my thigh. Joanne collapsed against me. Lauren moved to sit on my other leg and kissed me while Joanne recovered. Soon the three of us kissed passionately, with plenty of lips and tongues to go around. Soon Lauren humped my thigh, and Joanne was doing the same. They both gasped a few minutes later, then hugged me close.

"I needed that," Joanne said.

"He's still hard," Lauren said.

"Mmm, don't tempt me, I might not let you have him back."

"I would take him back, forcefully, if I had to."

"Are you sure you don't mind? It's been a while since I've had a real cock."

"John, would you mind taking care of Jo's needs?"

"If you don't mind."

"I mind, but she's my friend, and she needs the release."

"You're sure?" I asked again.

"John, show her what she will be missing come tomorrow morning."

"You're heartless, Lauren. Teasing me like this."

As they talked, Lauren had guided Joanne's hand to my cock, and the two of them were slowly stroking it.

"I think I am the one being teased," I said.

"Yes, yes, you are," they said at the same time.

"I think I will pass," Joanne said. "I would hate to become obsessed with something I couldn't have again. Still, it is fun to tease him. And he is the first man that has not wanted to fuck my tits. That makes him even more desirable, in my opinion."

She slid her hand off my cock, kissed me, then Lauren, then stood up and pulled on her shirt.

"See you in the morning."

With a wave and a smile, she slipped out.

"Lauren, if you keep stroking me like that, I am going to cum all over your hand."

"Hm, I don't see this as a bad thing, but it would be such a waste. Would you lick my cunt, please? Make me cum, then make love to me?"

I kissed her before we changed positions, and I slipped between her legs. After all the excitement, it only took a few minutes to get her off. Her thighs squeezed my head as she thrashed around on the bed. When her muscles went limp, I took the opportunity to move up her body and slip my cock into her. Lauren's eyes shot open, then closed again, and she moaned with desire as she pulled her legs back.

"Yes, that is what I want to feel every night. I am going to miss it, so next week so give me plenty to remember."

I was going to miss it too, so I made sure to give both of us a memory we could savor all summer if necessary. It did not take long before I was pouring hot cum into her body. Lauren moaned, and we kissed as we merged on the bed. Finally, our muscles could no longer support our activities, and we fell apart, next to each other, hands seeking.

"Thank you," she said.

She curled next to me and hung on as I found the sleeping bag and pulled it over us. It had been a long day.

Day Five

Lauren held me in her arms, looked me in the eyes, and then she kissed me.

"I like you, John, but not that way. I like girls."

I looked into her eyes….


"John, John, wake up, you're dreaming."

I sat up, then fell back onto the bed before I reached over and shut off the alarm.

"Are you OK?"

"Not sure," I said quietly.

I was not sure what was real and what was a dream. Lauren's hand rested on my shoulder.


"Yeah, I'm here."

"It's six-fifteen."

She kissed me gently, and I kissed her back.

"What's wrong, John?"

"Nothing. Just a nightmare. Happens occasionally. I'm OK."

"That's good. We have a few minutes," she said shyly.

"We do. What would you like to do with those minutes?"

"Oh, I don't know."

As we talked, our hands moved slowly over each other. Her hand found my cock and started to wake it up while I rolled a nipple between my fingers. She gently bit my shoulder as a shudder ran through her body while I played with her.

"I have always wanted…"

"What have you wanted, love?" I asked.

"Mmm, just keep calling me that." she sighed.

Lauren continued to stroke my cock slowly. Occasionally she would tease my balls with the nail of her finger, which always made me jump.

"What have you wanted?"

"I want you to take me from behind," she said, her voice shaky.

"You mean your ass?"

She shivered again.

"No, at least, no, not right now. Maybe someday. No. here, I'll show you."

She moved around on the bed, lay down on her front and pulled her knees underneath her.

"Now, slide your cock in my pussy."

"Oh, I get it."

Her lips were wet, and I could see both her holes, waiting for me. Her pussy oozed a clear fluid that seemed to pool at her clit, while her anus seemed to pulse in time to her breathing. Remembering something I had once read, I licked my finger before I traced it over the pulsing star of her ass. That caused her to jump.

"Oh, fuck. Do that again."

So I did. This time I took it slow and let it linger, pushing gently on her opening, but not penetrating. Judging by the noises she made, she enjoyed it.

"Oh, we're going to have to try that, but not now, we don't have the time or the materials, so just slip your cock in and make me cum baby."

I stepped forward and ran the head of my cock down until it slipped inside her molten core. The bed almost vibrated as she clutched it. I went slowly until there was no more to give her.

"Fuck, John, did you grow overnight? I am so fucking full," she gasped.

I don't think I had ever heard her swear that much. My cock twitched inside of her, which caused her to moan again, deep in her throat.

"Grab my hips and pound my cunt. Fuck me hard and deep and leave nothing behind but your steamy cum."

Her swearing was making it hard for me to focus. She found a way to excite me that I did not know about, and I did what she wanted. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. I reamed her cunt with my dick until I could not see straight. Her moans and gasps were lost in the mattress. I could not tell how many orgasms she had if she had any before I reached my peak. My cock seemed to double in size a moment before I poured stream after stream into her pussy. It pushed out around the sides and dripped down her leg before we finally ran out of energy and collapsed in a heap.

"Oh, wow," I gasped.

"Tell me about it, stud," she said, and we both laughed at the reference.

We curled into each other and kissed.

"We need to get moving. I have to torture your group this morning, and we should take a dip before we start breakfast," I said.

"I will need more than a dip," she said, pulling her hand up from between us. "There has to be a gallon of cum down there."

"Then we better hurry."

We hustled down the dock and into the water. Lauren told me to go first; she would be along in a minute. I just nodded, dried off, got dressed, and headed for the fires. At least my back did not hurt this morning as I shouldered my pack. It was still tender, but it did not hurt. As I walked, I could not help but remember my dream. Something had happened last night, and those words, from another life it seems, came back to haunt me. It was clear that both Lauren and Joanne liked boys. But their actions left me more than a little confused. Despite our sex this morning, by the time I got to the fires, my mood was less than upbeat.

"What's wrong?" Suzanne asked as I joined the group.

"Nothing. Nightmare. I’m still a bit unsettled. Just my brain, working things out."

"OK, if you're sure."

"Positive. What's for breakfast."

"I don't know," François said, as he read the instructions.

"Let me guess. Bannock."

"Yeah, how did you know."

"Cause I hate it. Hard to make, hard to eat. Makes a mess."

He passed the instructions to Suzanne, who, in turn, gave them to Tay. He swore, in French and both François and I laughed at his reaction.

"What did he say?" Cassie asked.

"Shit, only more colorfully," I said. "I leave you to it, folks. I need to go and check the course."

"He hates us," I heard Roger say.

"No, he just hates breakfast," François said. "Not that I blame him, this looks like…"

I stopped listening as I moved away from them and up the hill. I hated bannock with a passion. I had snacks in my bag to get me through the morning, and right now, I wanted to think more than I wanted to eat burnt dough. The day was shaping up to be the hottest yet. I was already in a full sweat when I reached the site. It took me a couple of minutes to get my compass out and take the bearing to the first marker. I had an hour to make sure everything was set. I walked the course, and with each marker, I had a strange sense of foreboding. Everything was where it was supposed to be, each bearing checked. For fun, I walked the back bearing and found myself back at the beginning with a couple of minutes to spare. Still, I was concerned. But I had to push it all to the back of my mind and get back to the fires. Rick was just finishing his speech when I arrived.

"Are we ready?" he asked me.

"All set on my end," I said.

"Let's get to it then."

"Group Two with me," I said.

Lauren waved at me as I gathered up her team. We walked up the hill and got set up.

"Good morning. This is a bit tougher than last time. There are eight points, and you will work in teams of two. Here are your maps and compasses. Each team will leave five minutes apart from the team ahead of it. If you are not back by 11, I will send out a search party."

I explained the handrails and other features, then sent them off at five-minute intervals.

"This is a pretty tricky course," George, one of the more attentive of the group observed as we waited.

"Not really. Sure, if you miss a bearing, you might miss the target by a couple of yards, but nothing we didn’t cover in the first course. Just remember what I taught you, and you shouldn’t have any issues."

He nodded and pulled his partner, Alexander, into a huddle to discuss the first couple of markers. Just before nine-thirty, the last of them were off to the woods, and I turned an headed for Andre's porch to await their return.

I settled into the chair, and my mind immediately began to brood. It was not like I had lived an utterly monastic lifestyle. A girl named Patty had taught me how to kiss one summer.

"But no tongue, that's not what good girls do," she had said.

And she was a good girl. Whatever that meant.

I had met Lenore, a goth chick, the following fall, and through several encounters, she helped me with my technique but never allowed me to touch her below the neck. She disappeared before the last dance of the year and did not come back the following fall. A girl named Jackie let me slide my hands into her pants once and squeezed the bare skin of her ass, but that was a one-time thing. My thoughts still came back, though, to Lucy's comment, the one that awakened me from a deep sleep.

I like girls.

But I could not help think about the kisses between the three of us as they sat on my thighs. My musings were interrupted by a breaking twig up the path. I looked up, and the first team walked down the trail. I looked at my watch. It was a little after eleven. Not good.

"What did you think?"

"You’re a sick bastard," Peter spat.

"OK. I need your maps and compass, please."

They thrust them at me and stormed off down the path towards the lawn. I made a note on my chart and waited for the others. It was five minutes after twelve when the last team walked down the path. They were sweaty and dirty and not happy. They said nothing, just shoved the map at me and stormed off. I shrugged, put them in my bag, and walked back for lunch.

"They do not look happy," Joanne said as she passed me a sandwich.

"Thanks. No, they are not happy."

"How long did it take them?" François asked.

"About two hours."

"Two hours?" Roger asked. "You're kidding. For that? I mean, there were some tricky bits between four and six, but nothing that would take them two hours."

"Remind me not to go out with them," Eric said.

The rest of the team chuckled.

"How do you think they will do?" Roger asked, head-nodding towards Andre's group.

"Hopefully, they won’t do any worse."

Rick came out at that point.

"Ready for the afternoon? Let's go folks."

I gathered up Andre's team and went back up the hill. After the standard speech, I sent the first team, Tony and Bill, off on their run.

I sat down and watched the clock. I was down to the last team, Barbara and Bethany. Twins. They came over and stood beside me once I sent the second to last team off on the course.

"You don't even look at our ass anymore," Barbara said.

They had the whole blond bimbo act down to a science. They wore short shorts with creeping material on the first day, but today they wore form-fitting jeans and hiking boots. Despite the act, based on the questions they asked, I knew there were brains behind the baby blue eyes they shared.

"I don't think he likes us," Bethany said.

"Oh, he likes us, he's just shy," Barbara said.

"I'm not shy, ladies. I just have things to do."

"He's shy," Barbara said to Bethany.

"Hm, let's find out," Bethany said.

"Ladies, you are up in five,"

Bethany stepped into my arms and kissed me soundly, her tongue dancing against mine.

"Not shy," she said.

"My turn."

Barbara did the same, only with a bit more wiggle to her hips as our tongues battled each other.

"Nope, not shy."

"Get going, ladies. I will see you at the end."

"Promise? Can we see you naked? You got to see our asses."


They kissed me on the cheek, then headed out. I did not even see them set their compass, but I was sure they knew where they were going. I shouldered my bag and headed towards Andre's. I was in a full sweat as I settled into the chair. My thoughts were sluggish in the afternoon heat, and I must have dozed off. I found myself kissing a woman I did not recognize, only to wake up and discover that Suzanne was kissing me.

"What are you doing?"

"Waking you up."

"You could do it again."

"Oh, please, can I?"

Suzanne crawled into my lap and proceeded to kiss me soundly, rubbing her body close against me. She encouraged me to slide my hands under her T-shirt. She squeezed when I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers and kissed me harder.

"Keep doing that, I am close, so close, yes, yes, yes."

I pinched her nipple hard as she shook in my lap. She kissed me again as I slid my hand out from under her shirt and ran it along her bare thigh. She kissed me harder as my finger inched closer to the hem of her shorts. When my finger slipped under the edge, she moaned deep in my mouth.

"John, I've never."

I slid my hand back, but she stopped it.


Her breathing came in ragged gasps as she fought to regain control.

"I want you...I want your touch. I want to feel your pulse and your desire. I want you to touch me, and I want to touch you, too. I want ... just not like this. Am I making any sense?"

We kissed again.

"Perfect sense, yes."

The sound of branches breaking got our attention. She kissed me quickly, then stood up. A moment later, Gabriella and Jim appeared from the forest.

"The first two," Suzanne said, then looked at me. "What?"

"They were the second pair."

I stood up and waved them over.

"What happened?"

"That was a hard course," Gabriella said.

"Sorry, what happened to Bill and Tony?"

They looked at each other and then at me.

"What do you mean?"

"You're the first two back."

"We didn't pass them."

"Thanks. Can I have your map and compass, please?"

They handed them over and then walked off down the path.

"They got lost. They'll be along," Suzanne said, noticing my disquiet.

"Yes, yes, a bad bearing. They will be here shortly."


I looked at my watch. It was a quarter to four.

"Quietly, go find Rick and ask him to join me, and then find François and Roger and send them this way."


I watched her walk down the path, as two more emerged from the woods. I marked them off, collected my tools, then sat back down. I looked at the sheet and the times for the other teams. Then I started doing the math.

"What's up, ami?" François asked as he bounded up onto the porch.

"I need some help. Remember how to do reverse bearings?"


I passed the map and compass over.

"Go find anyone still out there, send them back, quickest."

"You're concerned?"

To say the least. It was a bit after four.


"Good enough, mon ami. Back soon."

Fifteen minutes later, the twins arrived.

"That was fun, John," Bethany said.

"Lots of fun," Barbara said as she passed me the compass and map.

"How many people did you pass?"

"Most of them, why?" Bethany asked.

"Did you see Bill and Tony?"

The looked at each other then at me.

"Is that why François and Rog headed up the trail?"


"We didn't pass them."

"OK. Thanks."

"John, what's up?" Rick asked as he came up.

"Thanks, ladies."

They headed off, and I brought Rick up to speed.

"Good call sending the team backward. They can handle it?"

"Yes. Best next to me."

"Keep me posted. If they are not back by five-thirty, we start searching."


"Think positive."


He headed back to the main camp, and I continued to wait. By five-thirty, we were missing four people.

"Where are we," Andre asked as he stepped onto the porch.

"Four short and zero hour."

François trotted up the path behind him.

"Ami, all clear," he said.

"Merci, François. Can you operate the station here? You have a whistle?"


"Three blasts, then one for each of the returning people, please."

"Got it."

"Let's go, Andre."

We jogged the short distance to the main camp and found Rick standing on the lawn. He waved us over.

"I asked Lauren to round everyone up. Where are we?"

"Four short. Bill, Tony, Ernie, and Trey."

"Line them up," Rick said to Andre. "Now, what do we do?"

"Straight-line search. I told them to sit down if they think they are lost. But head west to the creek."

"So we send someone to the creek head. Let's get a search lined up. You lead."

"Everyone is here," Lauren said.

There was a loose semi-circle looking at Rick.

"John will give you your assignments."

"We are looking for four of our friends. Bill, Tony, Ernie, and Trey. They fell off the course. I don't know where. Andre, I need a couple of boats at the creek entrance here. Make sure they have a whistle—one sharp blast and then one for each person. I have François at your cottage waiting. He has three sharp blasts. I want six volunteers to join me.”

Hands went up in succession.

"Thanks. Lauren, two blasts, you are here. Barbara and Bethany, Joanne and Jackson, Dan and Don. Grab your maps and compasses. Does everyone have a whistle? It is five forty-five. We search until seven forty-five. No later. Everyone back here by Eight. The handrail is the creek. Questions?"

"I'll get you some food," Rick said.

"Thanks, Rick."

Andre started issuing orders for canoes to sit offshore while Lauren got the rest of them making dinner. Rick was back a few minutes later with sandwiches and water.

"No risks," he said.

"No risks. Let's go, people."

We started up the hill, and I was surprised when Cassie and Suzanne came with me.

"You need someone to take notes," Cassie said simply.

We reached the starting point. I looked around.

"We're following your lead, John," Roger said.

"Thanks. Set bearing to the first maker."

They took out their compass and set them. Then compared them with mine.

"Spread out as we walk forward."

We started. About halfway to the first marker, I stopped everyone and pulled out my map.

"Jo, you and Jackson, on zero eight five. You should hit the seventh marker. Killer B's, two five zero. When you hit the maker, continue to the handrail and down to the bay."

"Killer B's," Barbara said. "We like that!"

"Dan, Don, Come here, bring the map."

They hustled over and handed me their map. I made a handful of marks on it before I passed it back.

"Can you read my handwriting?"

"It's like it's typed, John," Don said.

"But what's it mean?" Dan said.

"Head out on three hundred, then come left along ninety to the marker, then back along two ten to here and then back to the lawn. Clear?"

"If we miss it?"

"You won't."

"Got it!"

"Questions anyone? Remember when you hit your mark, call out. Wait, call out, wait. Move on. Repeat. I want everyone back by seven-thirty."

There were no questions, and everyone headed out.

"What about us?" Cassie asked.

"We have a larger path. Set three-five-zero and off we go."

I pulled my pace beads from my pocket, and we started walking.

It was a little before six-thirty, and our throats were raw. We shared some water when I heard the whistle. One, two, three. Then a pause. Then one, two blasts. Two were home. Two were still missing. Both women gave me a quick kiss.

"We're not out of the woods yet," I said, but I was happy to have them with me.

"Cassie," Suzanne asked, "how do you react when someone slides their hand up your thigh?"

"Depends on the someone. And what I am wearing. Loose skirt, and I am spreading my legs as wide as they can go. Tight shorts, I might push him away until we can get naked. Anywhere in between depends on how horny I am and what I am wearing under them and where I have to be next. Why?"

"Just curious."

"Who's been sliding their hand up your thigh?"

Suzanne blushed, and I took that minute to call out our four names.

"Suzanne, can I kiss him and not make you jealous?"

"I don't know about jealous, but I might get wet."

Cassie took that opportunity to pull me into a soul-searing kiss. Our tongues fought each other, and there was more passion, desire, even lust in our kiss this time. Cassie also drove her hips against me, and my cock responded to her motions. She moved her lips to my ear.

"John, Suzanne loves you, lusts for you. Wants you. Lauren may have you locked up, but she wants you. And so do I. Be nice to her, but find time for me sometime, please?"

She stepped back, and we looked at where we needed to go.

"Are we ready?" I asked.

"Let's go," Cassie said.

We walked until it was just seven. We were two to three miles north of the camp and had not found anyone or heard any responses.

"Decision time, ladies," I said. "It is seven o'clock. It will take us half an hour to get back."

"We go back," Suzanne said.

"That is not what he said,” Cassie said.

Suzanne looked at me, then at Cassie.

"He is going to go forward until it is dark, and then further until his flashlight dies, and then further until he has to hunker down until the sun comes up," Cassie said.

"No, he is turning around now…"

"Suze, you are not listening."

"Cassie. Enough. Yes. I am going forward. You can come for fifteen minutes, then I am sending you back, or you go now."

"You are not…" Suzanne started.

"Suze, he is. He won’t stop until the whistles blow, or he finds them."

"Take her home, Cassie," I said.

"NO!" Suzanne screamed.

I walked up and kissed her.

"Go home. Tell them you found nothing. I have what I need to survive the night."



"Fuck you! Either you come back now, or I will drag you back."

I looked at Cassie. She was not happy but knew I was going to move forward, at least until there was no light left. She gathered up Suzanne and almost dragged her back. I continued to call out for the four missing members.

My compass had an illuminated dial. I pulled out my flashlight, hit the dial, then continued forward, calling out. The twilight gathered around me as I marched forward on my line. The darkness gathered quickly once the sun had set. I looked at my notebook and my pace beads and calculated I was three miles north of the lake. If they were further, we would need search and rescue to find them at this point. I pulled out my flashlight, hit my compass, then reversed my bearing and started on the path back to camp. I was dejected and disappointed. A search and rescue for the missing members would be expensive, and I would likely be out of a job. It was a little past nine when I got back to the lawn. I was tackled by three people when I arrived, and it took me a moment to sort out who was kissing me.

"He doesn't seem damaged," Barbara said.

"Bastard," Suzanne said, her tears flowing down the back of my neck as she held me.

"Let's get you fed," Joanne said from in front of me as they lead me to the main building.

It was a somber group. Bill and Tony were back and did not look at me as I came into the building. Rick escorted me into the kitchen.

"Sit," Margie said, pointing to the table.

I did as was told. She gave me a bowl of stew and some milk and encouraged me to eat.

“You ignored my instructions," Rick said, quietly.

"Yes, sir. Calculated risk."

"How did you calculate it?"

I explained my logic to him as I ate and showed him the math on the map.

"Calculated. John, what do you want to do this summer?"

"Sorry? I thought I was supposed to be a counselor."

"You would be wasted as a counselor. Finish your dinner."

I was too tired to figure out what he meant, and the stew was tasty, especially since I had missed so many meals. Margie refilled my bowl, and I sucked it down as well before I pushed my dish back.

"Thanks, Margie. I need to get back out there."

"You need to rest. Everyone else is looking."

"Thanks, but I need to go."


She threw me two bottles of water and let me go as I went out the back and over to Andre's cabin. François and Dan were playing cards.

"John," Dan said, "how goes it?"

"You tell me?"

"All quiet."

"Damn," I said as I slumped down into a chair.

"Ami, you showed us how to do it. It wasn't hard. If you paid attention. Tabernacle. They never paid attention to anything."

"C'est vrai, mais."

"Mais non!"


"Want to translate that for the English," Dan said with a laugh.

"I need to get back," I said.

"John, we have your back," François said.

"Thank you, my friend."

I headed back to the lawn when a whistle broke the air—one sharp blast, then one, two short. I moved to a run, François and Dan came behind me.

By the time I got to the lawn, there was a crowd, and I stood back as Rick directed the lost up to the main building, the rest of the group behind them. Andre came over to me.

"They said the river was little more than a dribble where they found it. They are blaming you for poor instructions. Take a deep breath, my friend. It isn't your fault."

"Thanks, Andre."

Rather than follow the crowd into the main building, I went to the map room. Rick found me there.

"What do you think?"


"What went wrong?"

"I am trying to figure it out."


"Rick, I am at a loss. They came down the handrail hours after the exercise started. Come look."

I showed him where we started, where the northernmost marker was, where I had been on the search, and yet, we had not found them. I made some calculations, then drew a line with my finger how far off course they might have been. Rick looked at the map, then nodded. He asked a couple of questions, and asked me to write up my notes, then come to the main building.

A half an hour later, I walked in through the kitchen. Half the room was somber, and the other half seemed angry. Rick stood up.

"It's been a long day. Breakfast is here at eight tomorrow. Before that, make sure you are packed, and your bags are on the barge. We are expecting rain tomorrow. There will be a tarp for your gear. Get some sleep. Instructors, stick around, please."

There was some grumbling as folks headed out. I slumped down on a bench and waited.

"Good work today. Good work this week. We have trained our staff to be ready for what comes their way. We have to move four boats tomorrow. Andre will arrange the crews. Thank you all for your work this week," Rick said.

We smiled and headed out. Once off the porch, Andre started.

"Good work, John. I would be happy to have you on my team."

"Thanks, Andre. I appreciate that."

"Me too," Lauren said. "You have shown a great understanding."

"John," Andre said, turning me to look at him. "If Lauren says you have shown an understanding, you are something special. Get me?"

"I think so. And I am honored. That both of you appreciate what I have done is enough."

"I consider you a friend," Andre said, offering me his hand.

"Friend," I said, shaking it.

"Friend," Lauren said, kissing Andre, then me.

"Friend," we both said.

Lauren dropped out at her cabin, and I turned to look at her.

"I have to pack. You should do the same. I will be along in a bit."

"See you in the morning," Andre said as we continued.

"We start the real work tomorrow. Ready for it?"

"Ready and eager."

"That's what I like to hear. See you in the morning."

He climbed his steps, and I continued to mine. Suzanne awaited me on the porch. Slowly I climbed the stairs.

"Hi," I said.

I did not see the slap coming, but it rang my bell. Before I could ask what brought it on, she started ranting.

"You had no right to put yourself at risk like that," she said through tears of rage. "What if you had gotten lost, what if you got injured. What were you thinking!"

Her rant went from anger to tears as she threw herself at me. I caught her in my arms, and she cried into my shoulder, her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her waist. It was then that I noticed she only wore a t-shirt, one that barely covered her ass as she clung to me.

"Touch me, touch me," she said through her tears.

I moved my hands down and under the hem of her shirt to find her ass was naked. I ran my hands over the curve of her ass, and her tears turned to gasps of pleasure.

"Why don't we go inside, and you can blow your nose, and we can talk, OK?"


I held the door open for her, then followed her. I passed her the tissues, lit the candle, and while she pulled herself together, I collected a few of my clothes into a pile to go into my duffel bag.

"John," Suzanne said, and I turned around.

She stood in the low light, naked as the day she was born. Her short hair was back behind her ear, and she looked at me shyly before she stepped forward and kissed me.

"Suzanne, Lauren will be along shortly."

"I know."

This did not cool her passion as I thought it might. She continued to kiss me hard as I let my hands rest on her ass, occasionally squeezing the mounds. This only caused her to moan more into our kiss.

"John, I told you I am inexperienced at this."


"Can you help me undress you?"

Her hands rested at my waist, and she quickly figured out the buttons and zipper holding my shorts up. I think she was teasing me as she suddenly pushed them down before she pulled my t-shirt over my head. Her hands moved gently over my body as she investigated it. They lingered on my nipples, which had the effect of raising my already rampant cock to new levels.

"Oh, you like that?" she whispered.

She moved a hand down and slipped it inside my briefs. It was cold as it wrapped around my heated rod. She stroked it gently, then put her lips over my nipple and flicked it with her tongue. My cock jumped in her hand.

"I want to see you cum," she whispered as she pushed my underwear down.

Pulling me gently by my cock, she lead me to the bed and had me sit down. She replaced her mouth on my other nipple and started to stroke me again. I ran my hands over her back while she rebuffed any attempt to let me touch any other part of her body.

"Suzanne, I am getting close," I gasped as my balls started boiling.

"Cum for me, John. Let me see you cum for me," she chanted.

A second later, my cock swelled, and ropes of cum flew from the tip as she rubbed my cock faster and faster.

"Oh, wow, that was hot," I heard Lauren say from the door. "Can I play too?"

"You will have to show me how," Suzanne said.

Lauren stepped inside and walked over to us.

"Start by licking the head of his cock. Gently, though because he will be very sensitive having just cum."

Suzanne bent down and gently licked the head of my cock while I watched Lauren get undressed and sit down behind Suzanne. My dream came roaring back at that moment, and I reached down to stop Suzanne.

"Am I doing something wrong?"

"No, no, you're not, but I need to understand a few things."

She had a strange look in her eyes, but Lauren looked up at me.

"He means me."

Quickly I told them about my dream and Lucy.

"Kiss him," Lauren said to Suzanne.

Lauren slipped around behind me and held me close. Suzanne and I played tonsil hockey for a couple of minutes as Lauren whispered in my ear.

"I like girls, especially their soft tits and the way they kiss. But I love guys and especially you and your lovely cock."

As she spoke, she reached down and stroked my soft cock, where it rested between Suzanne and me. Suzanne moaned at that point as Lauren touched her too.

"I've never kissed another girl," Suzanne said.

She moved past me just enough to kiss Lauren. It was sexy the way Lauren helped hold Suzanne's head and the way they moved together. My cock sprang to attention under her touch as her body moved against my back. Both of them moaned as they finished their kiss. Suzanne attacked my mouth after she had finished with Lauren and pushed me back into Lauren's body before she broke away, gasping.

"I have to admit I liked it. But you are so much better," Suzanne said.

I heard Lauren chuckle in my ear.

"Are you packed?" Lauren asked Suzanne.

"Yes. All set to go."

"Good, now, what are we going to do tonight?" Lauren asked.

"What are we going to do?" I asked, looking between the two of them.

"Yes, after Cassie answered my question about clothing, I asked Lauren if she would help us."

"Help us?"

"Yes. I want to know how to pleasure you. Make love to you," Suzanne said. "And as I said, I don't have a lot of experience, so I thought Lauren could help."

"And can you help?" I asked Lauren.

In response, she kissed me, somewhat awkwardly from where she sat behind me.

"As much or as little as needed," she whispered, then bit my earlobe.

"Where do we start?" Suzanne asked.

"You seemed to be doing well so far," Lauren said. "Let's lay down, shall we?"

We lay down, with me in the middle, Suzanne on my left and Lauren on my right. The two ladies took turns, kissing me as Lauren guided Suzanne's hand around my body, showing her where I was sensitive. I was currently unable to do anything to either one of them, other than touch their backs as they touched me.

"You seem to have figured out his cock," Lauren said. "Why don't we let him do something nice for you?"

"Like what?" Suzanne asked as her hand stroked my balls.

Lauren let me up, and I kissed Suzanne gently as I moved a hand up to stroke her breast. She immediately moaned into my mouth as her nipple hardened under my touch and elongated.

"Let me help," Lauren whispered into my ears.

She moved to the other side of Suzanne and pushed my hand down, then put her lips over Suzanne's nipple. Suzanne bucked, and my hand slipped easily between her legs. She was incredibly wet, and her clit highly distended. She moaned through her nose as she bucked and thrust under my probing fingers, gasping for breath and groaning.

"I think you found the right place," Lauren said with a laugh.

"I think so. Now, let's see if I can find it again."


I slid down her body and between her legs, where I found her pussy was a complete swamp of her goo and some sweat. I took her clit between my lips and sucked gently. She came, squirting my face as her hips bucked up and down on the bed while Lauren continued to lick her nipple.

"Enough, enough," Suzanne said.

She pushed my head away from her as she pushed Lauren away as well, then slumped against the bed.

"That was hot. Do me?" Lauren asked, looking at me.

I nodded, and she lay down and spread her legs. She was as wet as Suzanne had been. It took only a few moments of coaxing to get her clit hard, and she pushed into my face as I licked and sucked her.

"Let me show her something," she said, holding my head.


"Lay on the bed."

I did as she asked, then she settled her pussy over my face. In this position, she could control the level that my tongue penetrated her. Suzanne watched with rapt attention as Lauren built up her orgasm, and then backed away just as it was about to break. She did this several times before she let herself go. She flooded my face and shook hard as she came, then sat back on her heels with a gasp.

"I need to feel your cock," Lauren gasped as she looked down at me, then over as Suzanne.

"I am not ready for that yet," Suzanne said, "but I want to watch."

Lauren nodded, then slid down my body, leaving a trail of slime until her ass bumped my the head of my cock.

"This way, you are in control. You can tease his length with your pussy lips. You can kiss him, play with his body, any number of things. And then, once you are ready, you can take him inside you. You can control the depth of penetration, and there is nothing that drives a man crazier than only taking the head into your cunt. But there is nothing I like better than feeling his entire length inside of me."

As she said that, Lauren sank onto my cock and leaned back, showing Suzanne that she had completely engulfed me.

"That is sexy," Suzanne sighed.

"Want to do something kinky?" Lauren asked.

"What?" Suzanne said hesitantly.

"Sit on his face, like I did, only face me."

Suzanne looked down at me. I nodded, and she settled into position. Her juice dripped down onto my face as she sat there, waiting. I noticed from this position that I could reach her ass as well, so I reached out with my tongue and flicked it over her ass. Suzanne jumped.

"Why did you do that?"

"Lauren likes it."

"What did he do," Lauren asked as she moved slowly on my cock.

"Touched my ass with his tongue."

"Oh, let him do that, see what happens."

Suzanne settled down, and I started to tongue her again back and forth. She moaned as she rode my face, and I moaned as Lauren rode my cock. Lauren grabbed my hands and moved them up to cup Suzanne's tits. I pulled and squeezed her nipples, and she twitched and bucked on my face. Lauren's tongue flicked across my fingers and Suzanne's nipples as she continued to ride my cock. Suzanne came first, which triggered my orgasm into Lauren. She moaned as I pumped into her. Suzanne fell to the side, and I gulped air, and Lauren fell forward onto me, then kissed me.

"Finger me," she gasped.

I slipped a finger between us and found her clit. She ground against me as I teased her until she came, twitching and thrashing on top of me before she relaxed and kissed me again.

"Learn anything," I asked Lauren.

She laughed at me, then hit me gently on the arm.

"Yes. Come here, Suzanne, cuddle with us."

Suzanne crawled over next to us, and we cuddled together. I felt the stress of the day, along with the release of energy, bring sleep.

"Ladies, are we staying here? Should I pull a blanket or something over us?"

"I am not moving," Lauren said.

"I have a change of clothes in my bag," Suzanne said.

I had my answer, so I pulled the sleeping bag over us and fell asleep.

Day Six

I was awake before the alarm, spooned between two lovely ladies. Outside, the rain seemed to fall heavily on the trees, and there was a strong wind blowing. Lauren moved against me and opened her eyes. She kissed me gently when she saw my eyes were open, and I kissed her back. A hand on my cock told me Suzanne might be awake. I turned my head and found her looking into my eyes.

"Kiss me," I said quietly.

She moved closer and kissed me as Lauren's hand joined Suzanne's.

"He seems so much larger in the morning," Suzanne observed.

"I hadn't noticed," Lauren said.

They both continued to stroke me as I alternated kissing them.

"It’s going to be a nasty day to cross the lake," I observed.

"Then we’ll have to make sure there are warm thoughts to get us through the trip," Lauren said.

With that, she moved her head down and took the tip of my cock between her lips. Suzanne slipped her body around so she could watch, which left her pussy exposed to my touch, so I slid my hand along her leg and teased the soft skin of her nether lips. She shivered as I watched moisture appear on them. It was quite fascinating to see as she proceeded to get wetter and wetter while Lauren slowly massaged the head of my cock, which was also getting wetter and wetter.

"Can I try, please?" Suzanne asked.

She moved closer and began to imitate what Lauren had been doing.

"Be gentle," Lauren said, "and watch your teeth."

As Suzanne sucked my cock, Lauren played with my balls, while I started to finger Suzanne. When I slipped my finger into her opening, Suzanne gasped, then clenched down hard on my finger.

"Oh, wow," Suzanne gasped.

"What?" Lauren asked.

"His finger’s inside of me. It feels huge."

"Wait until you ride his cock," Lauren said with a laugh.

She turned around too, clearly wanting a similar sensation. I was happy to oblige her. I slid my hand up her leg as I had done with Suzanne, but she was already wet, so I let my finger circle her clit a couple of times before I slid it into her pussy.

"Oh, that feels good," Lauren sighed as she kissed my thigh.

Suzanne continued to play with cock. She had not got it to the point of no return, but her continued teasing had it producing copious amounts of precum, which she licked off the head like melting ice cream. Suzanne's contractions around my finger became more rhythmic. I reached forward with my thumb and flicked her clit, and she came. Her walls almost crushed my finger. Lauren came a moment later as my finger had found her G spot. Both of them left teeth marks in my leg as they tried to muffle their cries of passion.

"That was wonderful," Suzanne said as she got her breath back.

"We need to get dressed and get going," I said.

"Breakfast is at eight, remember? We still have time," Lauren said, "and you still haven't cum, so let's give Suzanne another show, shall we?"

I looked at Suzanne, and she had a pretty blush on her face.

"What would you like to know?"

"Everything," she said. "What makes her feel good?"

"Everything," Lauren said with a laugh.

Lauren moved up and kissed me, then Suzanne did the same.

"He's still remarkably hard," Suzanne said as she lightly stroked my length.

Lauren put her mouth to my ear.

"Would you do what I ask?" she whispered.

I nodded in response. She kissed me again, then sat up.

"Suzanne lay down on your back."

Suzanne shook her head.

"No, he's not going to enter you, just lay down, you'll like this."

Suzanne did. Lauren moved forward between her legs.

"Remember, I told you I like girls, too?"

She moved forward and started to lick Suzanne's clit. In doing so, she put her ass up and wiggled it at me. I stepped forward and slipped a finger through her pussy and pulled it back up over her ass. She moaned into Suzanne's pussy, which in turn caused Suzanne to moan. I fingered her ass a bit more forcefully. Her hips wiggled more as I continued to play until she groaned into Suzanne. Suzanne's hips came up off the bed, but neither one stopped. I played my cock along Lauren's lips, and she all but forced her ass back onto it. So I pulled back slightly, and she cried out in frustration. I teased her a bit more before I slipped just the tip into her pussy. That got her to raise her head and sigh.

"He's teasing me. He only put the tip into my cunt, and he is just letting it sit there."

"And it feels good?"

"Oh, so good."

Lauren slipped the tip of two fingers into Suzanne and moved them back and forth. Suzanne's head fell back onto the bed with an open-mouthed moan. I continued to tease her pussy as she teased Suzanne.

"I..I want to feel it," Suzanne stammered.

"Are you protected?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah. I've been on birth control for years."

Lauren continued to lick her.

"Lauren, please, let me feel him if only this once."

"Why would it only be once?" Lauren asked.

"You would let me have him again?"

"As often as we can get him hard."

Lauren moved out of the way and encouraged me forward.

"It might hurt," Lauren said.

"I used to ride dressage. I lost my hymen years ago. Stop stalling."

Lauren pulled me forward and helped Suzanne line me up, then showed her the trick of pulling her legs back to open herself. I slipped my cock into her lips, leaving it just at the entrance. Suzanne bucked her hips and managed to get me in a bit deeper.

"Fuck, push it in, I want to feel it all."

I did as she asked, but slowly. Suzanne was incredibly tight, and despite the liquid pouring from her, it took a couple of minutes to bottom out inside her.

"That's all," Lauren said.

She ran her hand over Suzanne's abdomen, gently pushing down.

"Wow, I can feel the outline of his cock inside you," she said.

"I can feel his entire cock inside me," Suzanne said with a laugh. "Take it slow?"

I nodded and began to pull out.

"It feels like a huge void as he pulls back, I already miss it."

When I was all the way out but the tip, I pushed back. It was easier this time, but still just as tight. Slowly I increased my tempo. At some point, Suzanne came, almost crushing my cock, but she begged me not to stop. Her second orgasm sprayed fluid everywhere. Lauren sucked hard on one of her nipples, and the third orgasm triggered mine. I poured cum into her, and it flowed out any opening it could find. We continued to thrash together until Suzanne said she had enough. Gently I pulled out of her, then kissed her. Lauren greedily sucked on my cock, cleaning it and getting it hard again before she pushed me onto my back and mounted me. Suzanne watched as Lauren played with her clit as she bounced up and down on my cock. Lauren's orgasm was quick and sharp, but I was still hard.

"Take me from behind until you cum, please?" she all but begged.

She rolled over and put her ass in the air. I slid my cock into her and grabbed her hips. We went at it for what seemed like a half an hour before I finally came in her pussy. The three of us were a mess, and it was still raining outside.

"What time is it?" Suzanne asked.

"A little before seven," I said, looking at my watch.

Just at that moment, the rain seemed to fall harder outside.

"We should go for a quick dip, get dressed and head up to breakfast," I suggested.

The ladies agreed, and we dashed down the dock and into the water. We did not dally. The water was warmer than the air, but only just. We soaped up, rinsed, washed our hair, then headed back to the porch to dry off.

“I’m going to wear my bathing suit and a t-shirt," I said.

I rolled some alternate clothes up and put them in my bag before I put the rest of my clothes in my duffel. The ladies seemed to think I was on to something. Suzanne pulled on her one-piece, shorts, and a t-shirt. Lauren winked at me, pulled on her shorts with nothing under them, and strapped her orange bikini top around her before she pulled a t-shirt over it. I noticed it was one of mine that I had not worn yet.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked with a purr and a kiss.

"No, I don't mind. Come on, let's go."

The ladies moved ahead of me and held the door open before they went down the steps ahead of me. Lauren waved as she and Suzanne walked quickly down the path ahead of me. By the time I got to the lawn, Andre was already on the barge stowing his gear under the tarp. I added mine next to him and put my paddle and life jacket next to the canoe rack.

"Let's get out of this," he said.

Like me, he wore only a t-shirt, swim shorts and a pair of wet shoes. We quickly mounted the stairs and walked into the main building. We were the only ones there besides Rick.

"Lousy weather," Rick said.

"Is it going to warm up," I asked.

"Not much more than it is now," Rick said. "Cold front came in behind that bubble of hot air last night."

“We will be warm enough soon, I suspect," I said as I looked down the length of the lake at the white caps that pointed our way.

"You boys want some coffee?" Margie asked from the kitchen.

"Please," we said in unison as we took mugs from her.

We went and stood on the porch and watched the rainfall and people hustle from their cabin to the barge, most of them swaddled in rain gear.

"How did we ever…"

"Yeah, tell me about it," Andre agreed.

"Breakfast is ready," Rick said.

We stepped up to the table, refilled our mugs, and got some eggs and toast before we found a corner to eat.

"Got room?" Lauren asked.


"Where did you get coffee?"

"Margie," I said. "Here, have mine."

I walked over to the kitchen and got Margie's attention.

"What'cha need, sweetie?"

"Coffee for Lauren?"

"Come get it."

I picked up the mug and filled it before I returned to the main room.

"You really are a prince," she said, passing my mug back.

We ate quietly while the rest of the student's swelled in and got their breakfast.

"John, you don't mind letting someone else stern today?"


"I didn't think you would. We need to get the ladies used to steering."

"I wondered how they learned how to steer those things."

"Well, most of the first years don't have to worry about it, but I thought it would be good exercise. Unless the wind gets too much, then you and I will take over."

"In the middle of the lake," I said with a snort.

"Of course. You want easy?"

"Why change now?"


We sipped our coffee while we waited for everyone to eat. Joanne made kissy faces at me from across the room, and I just chuckled. Finally, Rick stepped up and got everyone's attention.

"We have a rough morning ahead of us. All four canoes have to go back, so we will be light in each boat. Andre has the assignments. Listen up, then let's get going. We have a long way to paddle this morning."

I headed to the canoes, moved my paddle and life jacket out of the way, and waited for the others to come down. The rain had slacked off a bit but still fell steadily, and I was soaked through before the first crews came down, Joanne in the lead. By the time she got to me, it was clear she was not wearing a bathing suit under her t-shirt, or much of anything else. And it was white.

"Enjoying the view," she asked as she came to stand beside me.

"Yes, actually."

"Good. Move, I have to get this boat in the water. You're in boat number four by the way with the Bs."

"They have a nice ass."

"Hey, no looking at other women's butts," she said with a slap. "Unless we tell you to look."

"Yes, Jo."

"Make sure you look extra hard at them," she said in a whisper as she got her team to put their boat in the water as the next group arrived.

Quickly the boats were sitting on the sand, ready to push off.

"John, you coming?" Renee, our stern, asked.

"Ready, boss. Where do you want me?"

"Behind us," Barbara and Bethany said.

"What they said," Renee said, shaking her head.

She had her long hair pulled back in a braid that hung to mid waist. She crooked an eyebrow at me as I spent more than a moment looking at her.

"Something wrong?"

"No, ma'am. Just waiting for the Killer Bs to get their ass in the boat."

"You heard the man, ladies," she said with a wink.

The Bs got in, and I followed behind them. Cassie sat down next to me as the rest of the boat filled up. Renee was about to push off when I turned around.

"Boss, maybe we should stagger the seats? Give us more room to dig?"

She counted the seats and the pairs.

"Do it."

We shuffled our seats. Cassie pushed her thigh against mine, and I looked over at her. She too seemed to be missing her bathing suit and wearing a white t-shirt. Her nipples were prominent in the cold, wet morning air.

"Are you all trying to give me a heart attack?" I whispered.

"Could be," she said, then straightened her back. "Like it?"

"Cassie, behave."


"Ready? Pull water!" Renee said, and we dug in as we floated free.

Nine miles. We had nine miles to paddle. We dug in, each stroke more painful than the last. Occasionally I would look back to make sure Renee was OK. She seemed to be holding her own. Cassie and I kept up a steady beat as we plowed our way down the lake. We were keeping pace with the other boat, but still falling back a length or so for every dozen strokes.

"How you doing, Renee?" I asked.

"Just fucking keep paddling."

"I guess she's doing OK," I said under my breath.

"She's struggling," Cassie said quietly.

"I know. Let's dig in."

We did. The Bs heard me and picked up the pace a bit. We kept even with our position for a while but then fell back. My arms felt like lead weights and got heavier with each and every stroke. Now and then, Cassie would push her thigh against my mine for inspiration. I smiled at her each time, then continued to dig.

"Where are we?" Renee asked.

"First canoe is around the point," Barbara said.

"Let's keep going," Renee said.

We seemed to redouble our efforts. The B's came off their seat with each pull. Cassie did as well, but I was still just pulling normally, despite the dangerous bow in my paddle.

"Second boat around the point," Barbara called out.

"We're almost home," Renee said.

It was a grueling thirty minutes before we slipped around the point and into the relative quiet water. We slid onto the sand, exhausted. Cassie slumped against me.

"We're here," I said.

"I know. I just wanted to be held by you for a moment."

"Anytime, Cassie."

"Thanks. Let's get moving."

We helped each other stand up and followed the Bs to the shore. Andre was there getting the boats racked.

"How're doing," he asked me quietly.

"Running on empty. Let's get this boat racked."

It took us a few minutes to get the canoe out and up onto the rack. We were all a bit wobbly as we stood forward, waiting in the rain for Rick.

"Good work, everyone," Rick said. "Guys, on the bus to my right, girls on the bus to my left, except, François, Eric, Jackson, Andre, George, Pedro, and John. You will get instructions on being guides when you get to the girl's camp. Safe travels everyone."

We grabbed our gear and tossed it on the correct bus before we hauled our very wet bodies on and into a seat.

"We should dig out some towels," Andre said.

"I don't have the energy," I said with a laugh as I pulled a towel out of my backpack.

"Gentlemen, let's step back here and change, then we can let the ladies change," Andre said.

I had my shirt off when I looked over my shoulder. Every single woman was looking at us. I only shook my head and stripped, to the dozens of catcalls and whistles from the front.

"Andre, does this happen often to you?" François asked.

"More than you might expect," he said.

He winked at me as I pulled out shorts from my bag. A finger between my ass cheeks brought me around quickly.

"Hurry up," Lauren said as she cupped my balls. "Some of us are cold."

She kissed me as she squeezed my balls.

"If you would let me go, I could pull my pants up," I said.

"That is such a hard choice."

I managed to get them pulled up and buttoned despite her obstruction and my now rampant erection. I tossed her my towel, grabbed my bag, and pulled a sweatshirt over my head. The rest of the guys were already dressed, not having the same interruptions I had.

"The dressing room is your's ladies," I said as I moved toward the front of the bus, sat down, and promptly closed my eyes.

"Lauren, he isn't looking at us," Barbara said.

"Good. He's a creep," Ashley said.

Ashley was one of Andre's team that seemed more interested in getting it on with Ernie, then paying attention to what I showed them. Her comment seemed to cast a pall over the bus. I sat where I was with my eyes still closed.

"Chérie, you would know from creep," François said.

There were a few chuckles, and I heard a couple of high fives, but I would not be drawn into the discussion. Ashley struck me as the type that would raise a formal complaint about the littlest thing, and a man on the woman's bus was undoubtedly going to get her dander up. I was already resigned to being sent back to be a counselor at the boys camp. She had her posse, and I knew they were out to get me for making their big strong, idiot, men look bad.

There was no more conversation as the women quickly changed their clothes and took their seats.

"Hey, John," Renee said from several rows back, "thanks for checking on me on the crossing. I was slipping into the zone."

"You have to watch out for that," Andre said. "Good team members look out for each other."

"Good team members don't lose their team," Ashley shot back.

"Chére, if they paid attention, then getting lost would not be an issue."

"Stop calling me that you fucking frog."

"Ashley!" Andre and Lauren said at the same time.

There was a pause.

"Apologize, now," Lauren said.

"For what? I didn't send my team off into the woods with bad directions."

"Mais, non, the bad directions were the lack of ability to use the tools. The directions were certainment. The rest of us had no problems."

"Listen you French prick..."

"Enough!" Andre roared. "The ability or lack thereof to use the tools you are given will be the difference between whether the campers have a good time and come back or don't."

"Who cares about a bunch of spoiled children?" she said.

"You should, their parents are paying your salary," Lauren said.

That pretty much shut everyone up as we bounced from the side road to the main road and headed south. Someone sat down next to me. I continued to sit quietly with my eyes closed. A hand fell gently on my leg, then squeezed it. I put my hand over it. A head leaned against my shoulder.

"You have friends," I heard Cassie say quietly.

I squeezed her hand to let her know I heard her. She ran her nails over my bare leg up to the bottom of my shorts. Then she slipped a finger under the hem.

"I want you."

I squeezed her thigh.

"Good," she said.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke with a start. Cassie was resting on my shoulder, and the rest of the bus was mostly asleep. I looked around, and Lauren smiled at me, then winked. Suzanne was sleeping on her shoulder. I blew her a kiss and stared out the window. Cassie kissed my neck, and I turned to look at her. She smiled at me, looked around, then kissed me soundly. She rearranged us and then curled against me so my hand cupped her breast. I squeezed her, and she giggled into my chest before we went back to sleep.

Screeching brakes brought me back to life. We were pulling into the main camp, and the rest of the bus started to come awake. I squeezed Cassie's tit once more before she sat up.

"Thanks," she whispered before she ducked down and kissed my hand. "It's going to be a great summer."

I was not sure I was in alignment with her, but squeezed her hand rather than start a fight. Ashley gave me a dirty glance as she rushed off the bus once it came to a stop. Cassie squeezed my hand, then joined the scrum exiting the bus.

"Merci, François," I said he passed me.

"De rien, ami."

Soon it was just Lauren Andre and me.

"You going to be all right?" Andre asked.

"Yeah. No problems. It was good working with you, Andre."

"We aren't done yet," he said as he picked up his pack.

"What's bothering you?" Lauren asked.

"The bitch brigade is trying to get me fired," I said, indicating the gathering in front of the camp director.

"No, they aren't."

"Lauren, have a good summer. We will catch up as we can."

"You are crossing the lake, get over it, and grab your gear."

"Yes, ma'am!"

She swatted my arm then got off. I followed her.

"John got a second?" Nick Tompkins said, waving me over.

Nick was the head guide, and his opinion carried a lot of weight. I followed him down to a dock on the side of the lake.

"Nick, it's OK. You've got good people. Maybe next year."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"The formal complaint, from Ashley."


"I pointed over to the meeting in progress."

"No clue what they are talking about. I need you to run our guides through a map and compass course like you did at the outpost. How long will it take you to pull something together?"

"Sorry. A couple of hours if I can have access to the map room and some maps. Do we have compasses?"

"Each guide should have their own."


"Smartass. Yeah, we have some. Map room is over there. Get to work."


"I will get your gear across."

"Right, let me grab my duffel."

I pulled it off the bus and passed it over to him.

"Dinner's at six. Catch it here if you miss the boat."

"Yes, sir."

I turned and walked to the map room, put down my pack, and set to work. I lost myself in the project until the bells started to ring. The last boat was already moving across the lake, so dinner was going to be here. I walked into the dining hall.

"John, over here!" Roger said, waving me over.

"Gentlemen, how goes it."

"What are you doing here."

"Same as you, working."

"I thought you got tapped to cross the lake."

"Nick asked me to set up a course here for the guides."

"Cool. Can we help?"

"Probably. I have to eat, then get across the lake. Tomorrow?"

"Deal. Send details."

"Done. Let's eat."

We chowed down on food we had not cooked ourselves and made jokes and talked about the summer. I had not had such fun in days.

"OK, gents, I need to get across the lake."

"See ya, John. Paddle safe."

I put a canoe in the water, dropped in my gear, and headed across the lake. When I got to the other side, I pulled out and racked my canoe before I knocked on the door of the guide shack.


I pulled the door open and walked in. Nick was behind his desk. A couple of other guides sat in separate chairs.

"There he is. Gentlemen, this is John Dolan. John, this is Tacker, Wild Bill, Romeo, Vince, and of course you know Andre. You don't need to knock old man; this is your home. You get the brief?"

"No, but I got a plan."


"I told you, Nick. This man is who you want."

"I knew that a long time ago, Andre. Good to have you with us. You read the book?"

"He knows it chapter and verse," Andre said.

"Good to hear."

"There are teammates across the lake who want to help."

"Great. The more, the merrier. Look, John, sit. We need a couple."

I sat down in a chair.

"Lauren says good things about you. All good. Seems you are on the wrong side of the Bitch squad. Again, from what Andre says, no surprise. And the Killer Bs, what a hoot. They love you. We've got your six. Train these guys. That's your mission this week. Then you're heading back to the outpost. You're heading up all trips up there. Can you handle that?"

"Where ever you need me."

"Good answer. Andre, his woman is probably hunting him down. Show him home, would you?"

"With pleasure, Nick."

Andre lead me out and paused at the dock.

"You OK?"


"Nick's on your side. You're going to teach us how to stay away out of trouble. Then you are going back. Lauren is going to freak, so talk her down. She will listen to you, and she will calm the other ladies down. You will need to show them all some attention. Got it?"

"Got it."

"You have no clue, do you?"

"No, Andre, I don't."

"Listen to Lauren."


"Good man. She's this way."

We walked around the short side of the island, and he knocked on a door.


"Andre and John."

The door opened quickly, Lauren behind it. Suddenly my arms were full of her body.

"Where the hell have you been?" she asked.

"Mainland. Working for Nick."

"Thanks, Andre. I need to molest his body for a few hours."

"We need him tomorrow."


"Don't kill him," Andre said with a laugh.

Lauren dragged me into the cabin. Suzanne and Joanne sat on a cot against a wall while Cassie and Renee were on another one.

"Should we leave?" Renee asked.

"I don't know," I said a second before Lauren crushed her body against mine.

"I think that is a no," Cassie said with a laugh. "Besides, you haven't kissed him yet," Joanne said.

"And why would I want to kiss him," Renee asked.

"Why wouldn't you? Move over slut," Suzanne said and replaced Lauren's lips with hers.

"Did you call our sister a slut?" Joanne asked as she bumped Suzanne's hip.

"Yes, and she is, and I want his body, but you want a kiss, so get over here and kiss me, then fuck off."

Joanne kissed Suzanne, then before she could move, Joanne's lips were plastered against mine.

"If you want his body, you either have to fight for it, or shift someone else," Cassie said to Renee. "So get in there."

"Joanne, give Renee a turn," I said.

"Party pooper."

"Come here, Renee. You might not get another chance."

Renee jumped up and into my arms, where she proceeded to kiss me soundly. Our hips ground together, and I held her ass.

"Don't you dare make him cum," Cassie said. "Or, you will have to make good on it."

"Hmm, what a great idea," Joanne said. "How can we make her make good?"

"Suck him back to hardness," Suzanne said.

"Play with his ass," Lauren said.

"Fuck him with her tits," Joanne said.

"Sit on his face," Cassie said quietly.

Renee moaned into my mouth. I ran my hands down over her ass as she shuddered against me. I crooked my finger, and Cassie saw it. She moved forward and got the idea. She slipped her hands around Renee's waist and undid her shorts. It felt like Joanne was pushed against my back and undid my shorts. Soon we stood in our underwear and t-shirts.

"You can say no," I whispered in Renee's ear.

"And not sit on your face? Fuck that. Lay down."

Renee pushed me down, pushed down her cotton panties, the crawled up the length of my body. Her taste was acrid but softening. Her hair was wiry as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her pussy as she braced herself against the wall. Cassie and Joanne stripped her shirt and bra off, and still, she twitched above my face. She moaned as I sucked on her clit. Someone pulled my underwear off and had their mouth on my cock, but I could not tell who. I focused on the clit in front of me while someone teased my cock with their wet pussy. Not being able to see beyond Renee's body made it fun. Looking up at Renee's tits made my cock twitch as someone sat down on it.

"Oh fuck, yes," she moaned as her orgasm crashed through her body.

Her legs could not support her anymore, and she slumped down onto my mouth as she came. Several hands were rubbing her body as she slipped off me. I looked into Joanne's eyes, where she sat on my cock.

"Hey, you," she said.

"Having fun?"

"No. You are not playing with my tits."

I moved to a sitting position, which caused her to moan slightly and even more when I started to suck her tits.

"Ever watched a girl play with herself?" She asked.

"A couple of times, just recently."

"Look over at Cassie."

Cassie lay in a bed, her legs akimbo and her hand frantically playing with her clit as she watched Joanne bounce on my cock.

"What do you want to see, Cassie?" I asked.

She moaned at me.

"Fuck her, fuck her hard," she gasped.

"Maybe I should fuck you," I said as I sucked on Joanne's tit."

"You...you can't. Not now. Not safe. Fuck Joanne, please fuck Joanne."

"Lay down," I said.

Joanne nodded, got off my cock, and lay down. Several other ladies watched me as I moved between Joanne's legs, slipped my cock in, and sunk to the bottom.

"Can you see?" I asked Cassie.

"Yeah, fuck her good."

Joanne and I set up a slow rhythm.

"Make it good for her," Cassie moaned.

"Yeah, make it good for her," Joanne said and pulled her legs open.

We took out time, teasing more than trying to get one or the other off. Beside us, we heard a gasp and then a long, drawn-out moan.

"Now, take me!" Joanne begged.

I picked up the pace. Joanne encouraged me to go faster and faster. I was not going to last and pushed hard into Joanne. My cock swelled, and she gasped a moment before I blew inside of her. Joanne gasped and cried out as her hand dropped to her clit and finished her orgasm off with me. We pushed against each other for a few more strokes before we collapsed.

"Kiss me," Joanne begged.

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her.

"What next?" Suzanne asked.

"Next is we spread ourselves around him and let him get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. And I want his cock," Lauren said.

They put their mattresses on the floor and eased me to the floor the rest of the arranged themselves around me, then covered us in blankets. I was asleep almost instantly.


I had lived a very sheltered life. That all changed the summer of my seventeenth birthday. During that summer, I had several experiences that would shape the future of me and my life.

Lauren taught me a lot about women, and a fair bit about myself, things I will never forget. The day she died is engraved in my memory, and so is the face of the bastard that did it. I understand he did not do well in prison, but I still miss her.

I learned I was right about the Killer Bs. Under that blonde bubble-headed act, they had a great sense of humor, a kinky sense of sexual exploration, and a wicked mean streak that I hope will always be pointed away from me, but that is a story for another time.

Cassie and Renee, Joanne, and Suzanne became fast friends, and we are still friends today. In the years since we have celebrated graduations, birthday milestones, weddings, divorces, births, and deaths, yet never drifted apart, despite the distance from each other that we sometimes found ourselves. What can start as a simple phone call quite often devolves into a sex-filled tele-romp conference call. It is even more exciting with video chat.

Joanne finally convinced me that tit fucking could be fun. There was a lot of silliness that night. In return, we both discovered how pleasurable anal sex is and the various ways of doing it. No other woman I have met has shown that much of a sexual appetite.

Suzanne and I spent a lot of time together that summer. We learned how to please each other sexually and emotionally. While she would never have the chest that Joanne had, she liked riding my cock in all the ways she could get it into her body. There were days when I could not get it up enough to satisfy her.

While Renee and I would fool around occasionally, and certainly kiss every chance we got, we never had a lot of sex, but we did become fast friends. Something that made future girlfriends very jealous.

And Cassie. Sweet Cassie. But that too is another story.

I had lived a sheltered life, and several women and come into that shelter and yanked me out of it. And I am so delighted they did.